How to Register for Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards Get BLT 3.5 Million – Check out how to register for the wave 12 pre-employment card program, the idea is to open registration again on Tuesday (23/2/2021). Later, each registrant who can pass as a participant will receive BLT Rp. 3.5 million.

The Pre-Employment Card is a government program for training and skills improvement which has been facilitated throughout the outbreak to provide stimulant contributions for victims of layoffs (PHK) or a new workforce. The total BLT given was IDR 3.55 million.

Then, how do you register as a Pre-Employment Card participant?

Before registering for a Pre-Employment Card, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Indonesian citizen (WNI).
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Not doing college or school.
Batch 12 pre-employment list requirements
Batch 12 pre-employment list requirements

Prospective Registrants Pre-Employment Card You should also understand the steps for registering, as follows:

  • Open the page
  • Prepare your Family Card (KK) number and National Identity Number (NIK), enter your personal data, and follow the instructions to complete the account checking process
  • Prepare writing materials to take motivational tests and basic abilities online
  • Click Join on the wave of the Pre-Work list that is currently open
  • Wait for the announcement of the selection of participants who pass the Batch 12 Pre-Employment Card list.

That's how to register for the batch 12 pre-employment card program, I hope all of you pass to get it.

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