How to change an electronic KTP photo according to the Dukcapil Director General

How to change an electronic KTP photo according to the Dukcapil Director General - The Director General of Population and Civil Registration of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Dirjen Dukcapil Kemendagri) Zudan Bijak explained that electronic KTP photos can be exchanged.

This responds to the question of one of its adherents, namely whether an electronic KTP photo can be exchanged or not.

Zudan through his personal TikTok account replied that the photo of the electronic KTP could be replaced if two conditions were met:

  1. If you were not previously veiled and now are veiled for Muslim women.
  2. If the electronic KTP is damaged or has parts peeling off or your KTP photo is blurry. "Well, you may replace it by taking a photo at the Dukcapil service," said Zudan.

Zudan then told how to change the photo of the electronic KTP which could be done. The conditions are quite easy, namely bringing the old electronic KTP and a photocopy of the Family Card (KK) to the local Dukcapil Office, and there is no need for a return letter from the RT and RW.

An electronic identity card, e-KTP or e-KTP is an identity card (KTP) that is made electronically, in the sense that both physically and in use it functions computerized.

In simple terms, KTP-el comes from the word electronic-KTP, or Electronic Identity Card or often abbreviated as KTP-el.

In more detail, according to the official e-KTP website, an electronic KTP is a residence document that includes a security/control system from both an administration and information technology perspective based on a national population database.

The background for the e-KTP program is the conventional or national KTP making system in Indonesia which allows a person to have more than one KTP.

This is due to the absence of a unified database that collects population data from all over Indonesia. This fact provides an opportunity for residents who want to cheat in certain matters by duplicating their KTP.

Therefore, driven by the implementation of electronic government (e-Government) and to be able to improve the quality of service to the public, the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) of the Republic of Indonesia implemented a technology-based population information system, namely the electronic Identity Card or KTP-el.

The legal basis for making an electronic KTP refers to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration which has now been amended to become Law Number 24 of 2013 which contains:

“Residents are only allowed to have 1 (one) KTP with a National Identity Number (NIK). NIK is the single identity of every resident and is valid for life for Indonesian citizens and for foreign citizens according to the validity period of a permanent residence permit.

The NIK number on the e-KTP will later be used as the basis for issuing passports, driving licenses (SIM), Taxpayer Identification Numbers (NPWP), Insurance Policies, Certificates of Land Rights and issuance of other identity documents.

Electronic KTP function

The functions of the electronic KTP are as follows:

  1. As an identity.
  2. It applies nationally so there is no need to make a local KTP for obtaining permits, opening a bank account, and so on.
  3. Preventing double KTP and KTP forgery.
  4. The creation of the accuracy of population data to support development programs.

Electronic KTP format

The structure of the e-KTP consists of nine layers which will increase the security of the conventional KTP. The chip is embedded between a white, transparent plastic on the top two layers.

This chip has an antenna in it that will emit waves when swiped. It is this wave that will be recognized by the e-KTP detection tool so that it can be known whether the KTP is in the hands of the right person or not.

Those are the requirements and how to replace an electronic KTP photo. If you have met the photo replacement criteria above, bring the required documents immediately and have them handled at the local Dukcapil Office.

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