Batch 32 Pre-Employment Cards Opened June 8 – On June 8, the 32nd batch of pre-employment cards has been officially opened, for those of you who haven't logged in to, log in immediately, you can get Rp. 10 million every month without registering 32 Pre-Employment Cards, check the full details below.

People aged 18 and over who are unemployed or need to improve their job skills can register and login to

If you pass the 32nd Pre-Employment Card registration selection, applicants can get a total of Rp. 2.55 million in cash which will be given in stages.

As long as they do not pass the selection, applicants can re-register for the next batch if they are still available and meet the requirements.

It should be underlined that there are indeed new innovations provided by the government on the Pre-Employment Card dashboard, The update is the Job Info feature which includes job postings from various job-related sources.

Those who are employed by companies without registering for the 32nd Pre-Employment Card will still be entitled to Rp 10 million in cash per month as long as they pass the selection process and are approved to work.

For example, PT Rahayu Perdana Trans, offers a salary of Rp. 10 million to Rp. 25 million for suitable applicants to become directors. Finance at his company.

The company, which is located in Surabaya, East Java, pays Rp. 10 million per month for graduates and applicants for the 32nd Pre-Employment Card who meet the following qualifications.

Batch 32 Pre-Employment Cards that Meet the Following Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, Management, or a related business discipline.
  2. Postgraduate degrees are highly preferred. Foreign graduates will be a plus.
  3. Minimum 5 years experience in managerial accounting and financial management.
  4. Preferably CEO/GM/Director/Senior Manager specialized in Finance (Corporate Finance/Investment/Retail Banking or equivalent).
  5. Experience working in a company with the same field will be preferred.
  6. Have planning, accounting (technical and analytical) skills.
  7. Have good leadership skills, communication, effective management, and strong business partnerships.
  8. Fluent in Indonesian, mastery of written and spoken English.

How to Register Job Vacancies at

Here's how to register for these job vacancies by logging in to so you can get IDR 10 million per month:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using the account you have
  3. If you don't have an account, register first
  4. After successfully logging in, select and click the "Job Info" feature
  5. Find the locker "Director of Finance at PT Rahayu Perdana Trans"
  6. After that, click on the job vacancy
  7. Read carefully the requirements needed
  8. Click "Apply at"
  9. After that, you will be redirected to the page.
  10. Apply for the job using the account you have, if you don't have an account, register first.

If you're worried about not meeting the requirements, you don't have to. Registration for the 32nd batch of Kratu pre-employment is still available at a price of IDR 2.55 million. This Rp. 2.55 million financial assistance consists of various aspects of assistance, including the following:

  1. IDR 2.4 million is an incentive after attending the training. This money is disbursed every month Rp. 600 thousand four times.
  2. IDR 150 thousand is an incentive after filling out the employment survey.

The only way to earn IDR 10 million per month is to register at and log in with 32 Pre-Employment Cards.

What is a Pre-Employment Card?

As quoted from, the Pre-Employment Card program is a program for developing work competencies and entrepreneurship. Terms and how to register for a pre-employment card in

The pre-employment card is not only intended for people who are looking for work, but also for workers/laborers who have been terminated and workers/laborers who need to improve their work skills, such as workers/laborers who have been laid off and non-workers. wage workers, including micro and small enterprise actors.

The Pre-Employment Card program aims to increase employee competence, productivity and competitiveness, as well as foster innovation and entrepreneurship among workers.


The government has launched the 32nd batch of pre-employment card registration. If you pass the selection, applicants can get a total of IDR 2.55 million in cash which will be given in stages. Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or management related is required.

The only way to get IDR 10 million per month is to register for pre-employment. Registration for batch 32 Kratu pre-employment is still available at a price of IDR 2.55 million. An incentive of IDR 2.4 million is offered to those who complete the course. Every month, IDR 600 thousand is distributed four times.

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