List of batch 32 pre-employment cards, here's the link – Good news, now batch 32 of pre-employment has been opened, you can register for batch 32 of pre-employment cards with the link we provide below.

The opening of the 32nd Pre-Employment Card is of course something that has been eagerly awaited by those who wish to register as participants.

Those who did not pass the last round of Pre-Employment Card exams can reapply in this round.

The new batch of Pre-Employment Cards is usually opened the day after the selection results of the previous batch are announced. However, it looks like Pre-Work is delaying the opening of the 32nd batch.

According to estimates, the 32nd batch of Pre-Employment Cards will be opened on 5-6 June 2022. Only the Pre-Employment Management has the authority to make an official announcement about that date, as this is only a prediction.

Even so, the list linked below might help you get ready to register and join the batch of 32.

How to Register for Batch 32 Pre-Employment Cards

Because, there are still fake registration links circulating on social media. Don't be fooled and see the official link and how to register below.

  1. Visit the Pre-Employment list link on the page:
  2. Then, create a Pre-employment account via the page
  3. After that, log in to your Prakerja account
  4. Later you will be directed to the KTP verification page
  5. Fill in NIK, KK number and date of birth. Don't let anything go wrong
  6. Make sure the data you enter is correct. Once sure, click Continue
  7. Next, verify the e-KTP photo. You have to take a photo from your cell phone. If you access with a computer, immediately continue registration via the HP browser, okay!
  8. Click Send OTP to verify your mobile number (HP). OTP is an authorization code for one login session.
  9. Enter the OTP code that was sent via SMS to the registered cellphone number
  10. Click Send OTP
  11. Fill in the Registrant's Statement in accordance with the actual conditions.
  12. Click OK if the Registrant Statement has been completed.
  13. After filling in the data, you will be faced with a Basic Motivation and Ability Test. Pay close attention to the problem and don't rush, if necessary, prepare stationery to find the answer.
  14. After that there will be a wave entry selection. Then Select the Wave that matches your domicile, then click Join.

*Important Note: In 1 Family Card (KK) a maximum of 2 NIK are allowed to become Pre-Employment Card recipients, your full name and your birth mother's name that you enter are the same as those registered on the KK. Make sure the mobile number is a real number that can receive SMS including OTP

Well, your registration steps are complete! After the Wave ends, you will be notified via SMS and email when your pass has been issued.

Call Center

Contacting the Department of Population and Civil Registry if data discrepancies occur is easy thanks to the following telephone numbers:

  1. Phone: 1500537
  2. Whatsapp: 08118005373
  3. SMS: 08118005371
  4. Email:

Especially for prospective participants who have registered in the previous batch and haven't graduated, you can go directly to the Pre-Work dashboard and click "Join Batch".


In the article above, we didn't only discuss the batch 32 pre-employment card list, but we also discussed the call center that you can contact if you experience problems.

Thus the article about Batch 32 Pre-Employment Card List, here's the link. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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