Recipients of the 13th salary of civil servants until retirement, will be disbursed in July 2022 – Good news for you PNS to Retirement, now the recipient of the 13th salary for PNS to Retirement will be disbursed in July 2022.

The disbursement of the 13th salary in July was carried out in order to assist the educational needs of ASN, TNI and Polri children in facing the needs of the new school year.

Disbursement of the 13th salary is regulated in Minister of Finance Regulation Number 75/PMK.05/2022 concerning Technical Instructions for the Implementation of the Granting of Holiday Allowances and the Thirteenth Salary to State Apparatuses, Pensioners, Retired Recipients and Beneficiaries in 2022 Sourced from the Revenue and Budget Budget State Spending.

Article 12 of this Presidential Decree states that the 13th salary will be paid no later than July 2022. However, if the 13th salary has not been paid according to schedule, it can be paid after July.

According to the Minister, the policy for giving THR and the 13th Salary has been changed Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati, along with economic recovery and increased control of Covid-19 and the state budget is starting to show improvement.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said, along with the economic recovery and handling of Covid-19 getting better, and the State Budget starting to show recovery, the policy for giving THR and the 13th Salary was being adjusted.

Payments for recipients of the 13th salary for civil servants and pensioners, as well as for recipients and pensioners are regulated in Government Regulation Number 16 of 2022 which regulates the amount of THR and payment of the 13th salary in 2022.

Based on this regulation, the 13th salary is provided equal to the basic salary or pension and benefits related to the basic salary/pension, as well as 50 percent of the monthly performance allowance for those who receive performance allowances.

For local government agencies, the amount of the 13th salary is at most 50 percent of additional income by taking into account the regional fiscal capabilities and in accordance with statutory regulations.

The 13th Salary and Allowances for Civil Servants

The following is the basic salary of civil servants, which is one component of the 13th salary:

Group I

  1. Group I: IDR 1,560,800 – IDR 2,335,800
  2. Group Ib: IDR 1,704,500 – IDR 2,472,900
  3. Class Ic: IDR 1,776,600 – IDR 2,557,500
  4. Group Id: IDR 1,851,800 – IDR 2,686,500

Group II

  1. Group IIa: IDR 2,022,200 – IDR 3,373,600
  2. Group IIb: IDR 2,208,400 – IDR 3,516,300
  3. Group IIc: IDR 2,301,800 – IDR 3,665,000
  4. Group IId: IDR 2,399,200 – IDR 3,820,000

Group III

  1. Group IIIa: IDR 2,579,400 – IDR 4,236,400
  2. Group IIIb: IDR 2,688,500 – IDR 4,415,600
  3. Group IIIc: IDR 2,802,300 – IDR 4,602,400
  4. Group IIId: IDR 2,920,800 – IDR 4,797,000

Group IV

  1. Group Iva: IDR 3,044,300 – IDR 5,000,000
  2. Group IVb: IDR 3,173,100 – IDR 5,211,500
  3. Group IVc: IDR 3,307,300 – IDR 5,431,900
  4. Group IVd: IDR 3,447,200 – IDR 5,661,700
  5. Group IVe: IDR 3,593,100 – IDR 5,901,200

List of civil servant benefits

The basic salary of civil servants is complemented by various benefits. These are some of the facilities available to government employees.

1. Performance Allowance (Tukin)

Performance allowance is included in the largest type of allowance for a civil servant. Each group of PNS and the organization where they work will receive a different amount of allowance.

Regardless of whether it is a national or regional organization. The biggest performance allowance is currently obtained by civil servants at the Directorate General of Taxes or commonly abbreviated as DGT.

Civil servant allowances to be obtained by the DPJ have been regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 32 of 2015.

2. Husband or Wife Benefits

Husband or wife benefits that have been regulated in PP no. 7 of 1977. In the PP it is stated that civil servants who are married or married are entitled to an allowance of five percent of their basic salary.

Husband or wife benefits that have been regulated in PP no. 7 of 1977. In the PP it is stated that civil servants who are married or married are entitled to an allowance of five percent of their basic salary.

However, if the husband or wife have comparable jobs, benefits will be paid to only one of them according to the largest base salary earned by the spouse.

3. Child Allowance

Child allowances are regulated in PP no. 8 of 1997. Civil servants who have children are entitled to child support in the amount of 2% of their basic salary.

However, to receive child support, the child must be under 18 years of age, unmarried, and not have their own source of income, or be under the responsibility of a civil servant.

4. Meal allowance

The lunch allowance is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number 32/PMK/02/2018 concerning Standard Input Costs for the 2019 Fiscal Year issued by the Minister of Finance on March 29 2018.

The amount of allowance that will be received by a civil servant depends on the degree of each class. Groups I and II will each receive IDR 35,000 per day as a lunch allowance.

Group III will receive Rp. 37,000 per day in lunch allowance, while Group IV will receive Rp. 41,000 per day in food allowance.

5. Position Allowance

In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 26 of 2007, the amount of monthly compensation is as follows:

  1. VA Echelon: IDR 360,000
  2. Echelon IVB: IDR 490,000
  3. IVAA Echelon: IDR 540,000
  4. Echelon IIIA: IDR 1,260,000
  5. Echelon IA: IDR 5,500,000

6. General Allowances

For civil servants and civil servants who do not receive structural position allowances, functional allowances, or allowances that are equivalent to job allowances, general allowances will be given.

In Presidential Regulation Number 12 of 2006 concerning General Allowances for Civil Servants, it is stated that the amount of general allowances is as follows:

  1. Civil servant class IV: IDR 190,000
  2. Class III civil servants: IDR 185,000
  3. Class II civil servants: IDR 180,000
  4. Class I civil servants: IDR 175,000


In the article above we have provided the amount of salary received for the 13 pensioners and civil servants, and we have also provided a list of benefits that will be given by civil servants.

If you want to know when the exact date of the 13th salary of civil servants to retirement, you can see the article that we have made before.

Thus the article about the 13th salary of civil servants to retirement, will be disbursed in July 2022. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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