Here's How to Claim PLN's Free Electricity Tokens in February 2021

Here's How to Claim PLN's Free Electricity Tokens in February 2021 - PLN will provide electricity stimulant services in the form of free electricity tokens until March 2021. Loyal consumers can immediately acknowledge PLN's free electricity token service via the PLN Mobile application or click

Loyal consumers who want to get PLN's free electricity token service can use the PLN Mobile application or connect to the site.

"Electrizen, with the New PLN Mobile program, checking electricity tokens at a discounted price of 100% from the Covid-19 Stimulus program is even easier," PLN noted on its official Instagram account pln_id

PLN's free electricity tokens are given in full to loyal consumers of households with 450 VA power. Meanwhile, households with subsidized 900 VA power get a discount of 50%.

In addition, the 100% discount for MSME groups with 450 VA power and small industry groups with 450 VA power has also been extended. The number who received from the discounted electricity costs includes 33.7 million loyal consumers.

But there is something else from 2020, there is a limitation of PLN's free electricity token service for 2021. Loyal consumers when paying for the 450 VA group only have the right to free electricity for 720 hours of use or equal to 324 kWh. If usage exceeds this limit, the normal fee will be charged, namely the assisted 450 VA fee.

Meanwhile, for postpaid loyal consumers of the subsidized 900 VA group, free electricity is given for use of 720 hours on or equal to 648 kWh. Above that will be charged the normal assisted fee.

Furthermore, for prepaid loyal consumers of the 450 VA group, the conversion to the PLN free electricity token service is given for the highest usage in December 2019-February 2020.

As for the subsidized 900 VA prepaid loyal consumers, a discount on the 50 % fee is given by PLN when loyal consumers make business transactions to purchase tokens.

Here's how to claim PLN's free electricity tokens:

PLN Mobile application

  1. Pelanggan harus mengunduh dulu aplikasi New PLN Mobile yang sudah tersedia di Play Store dan App Store.
  2. Click the banner that reads “PLN Cares for Covid-19”
  3. Input customer ID or meter number, then send.


  1. Open the page
  2. Enter the meter number or customer ID
  3. A free electricity token will appear on the screen
  4. Enter the electricity token code according to the customer ID that was registered earlier

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