Extend SIM Online in the following easy way

Extend SIM Online in the following easy way – The Corona virus pandemic has prompted people to quickly migrate from face-to-face activities to online. This also includes various civic administrative obligations such as extending a driver's license.

As is known, the driver's license must be renewed every 5 years and it just so happens that it's easier now. You don't need to queue in the usual crowd at the police station with this online driving license process.

There are a number of things you need to know so that this process goes smoothly and the SIM extension is successful. These steps and preparations have been explained by Auto2000 on the official website.

As usual, taking care of extending your SIM online obviously requires documents to complete the administrative process. Documents that must be prepared are KTP, old driver's license, health certificate from a doctor, and certificate of passing the simulator test.

If you have prepared these documents, you can visit the Korlantas Polri website page. There you will be asked to fill out the form provided.

After that select the online SIM registration menu and proceed to the online SIM extension menu. Fill in all the fields on the SIM extension application form. Enter the verification code, then click the submit button. At this stage, you have finished registration. Proof of registration will be sent via email later.

After that you will get a payment code. This payment can be made via EDC, ATM or directly to a BRI bank teller.

Furthermore, to get a new SIM that has been extended, all you have to do is do a photo session at the mobile SIM, Satpas, or other SIM service outlets. Don't forget to bring the required documents, proof of registration and proof of payment. After the photo you can wait a while until the new SIM is made.

Source : detik.com

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