Come on, find out how to register for batch 12 pre-employment cards that will soon be opened

Come on, find out how to register for batch 12 pre-employment cards that will soon be opened – Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards are confirmed to be one of the ongoing government programs in 2021. This was mentioned directly by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

"In 2021 the social protection program will still be continued. (To be continued) The Staple Food Card Program, Family Hope Program, Social Cash Assistance, Pre-Employment Cards, Direct Village Cash Assistance will continue. Apart from that, there are also stimulants for medical personnel and provision of business stimulants including Working Capital Assistance for MSMEs," Jokowi said in the MPL-PGI Session, Monday (25/1/2021).

Even though you don't know for sure when registration for batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards will open, it's best to get to know the registration steps first.

The steps for registering the batch 12 Pre-Employment Card are only via the website and will be published legally on the medium such as the web, Instagram and Facebook

Here's how to register for Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards:

  1. Login to the pre-employment card on the page
  2. Prepare your Family Card (KK) number and National Identity Number (NIK), enter your personal data, and follow the instructions to complete the account checking process.
  3. Please note that in order to pass the batch 12 pre-employment card, namely the name, date of birth, and address must match the data on the KTP.
  4. Prepare writing materials to take motivational tests and basic abilities online
  5. Click Join on the wave of the Pre-Work list that is currently open
  6. Wait for the announcement of the selection of participants who passed the batch 12 Pre-Employment Card list.

Good luck with batch 12 pre-employment cards!

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