The following is a guide from how to pay to the prohibition of riding the Jogja-Solo KRL

The following is a guide from how to pay to the prohibition of riding the Jogja-Solo KRL - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) through its subsidiary PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) will conduct a limited trial of the Yogyakarta-Solo Electric Rail Train (KRL Jogja-Solo) for general citizens starting February 1, 2021.

Main Director of PT KCL Wiwik Widyawati explained, during the experimental period which runs until February 7 2021, prospective passengers need to pay a ticket of IDR 1. The track length of the Jogja-Solo KRL network, he explained, is approximately 60 km.


To take the Jogja-Solo KRL, the method of payment can use:

  1. Multi Trip Card (KMT)
  2. Commuterpay
  3. Other bank e-money
  4. Make payment via application which provides barcode scanning facility

Before leaving, don't forget to check whether your KMT balance or electronic money is still there or not. To check activation, check the balance and status of KMT or electronic money, you can do it at the balance reading machine located at the KRL station.

As for users of the NFC feature, to check KMT balances, this can be done by downloading or updating the KRL Access application via the Play Store. Replenishment of the KMT balance can later be done at the KMT refill machine at KRL stations. Make sure the money is not folded so that the machine can easily accept it.

Health protocol

During the corona virus pandemic, Jogja-Solo KRL passengers must comply with the following health protocols:

  1. Must wear mask and wash hands
  2. It is recommended to use a face shield or face shield
  3. Long sleeve clothes
  4. Bring personal worship tools
  5. Bring hand sanitizer
  6. Bring wet wipes and dry wipes


There are a number of rules for using the Jogja Solo KRL, namely:

  1. Maximum luggage size is 100 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm
  2. Luggage (both commercial and personal) must fit the size of the luggage allowed and not interfere with maintaining a safe distance between users.
  3. It is mandatory to wear a mask and measure the temperature with a maximum temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius to enter the KRL station area.
  4. To enter the KRL gate, use the gate on the left side of the body when you tap-in.
  5. In order to reduce touch, KMT does not need to touch the gate and use the body when passing through the gate without touching the gate.
  6. While waiting for the KRL, stand on the platform according to the destination behind the safety line (yellow line)
  7. Give priority to those who want to get off before boarding the KRL Commuterline
  8. While riding the KRL, obey the social distance signs, don't eat and drink and talk directly or via cell phone as an effort to prevent Covid-19
  9. Note that on the Jogja-Solo KRL there are priority seats at the ends of the train which are intended for the elderly, persons with disabilities, mothers caring for children and pregnant women
  10. When exiting the gate use the gate on the right side of the body when Tap-out

If the balance is less

If the balance is lacking, there is a Fare Adjustment machine that can be used if the balance on the KMT is insufficient when leaving the gate/tap out.

Users can adjust the lack of balance by placing the KMT on the reader then entering cash according to the desired nominal until the KMT balance increases.

After that the user can leave the station area to continue their journey.

Prohibited while on the Yogyakarta-Solo KRL

There are a number of restrictions when riding the KRL-Jogja Solo. These prohibitions are:

  1. Do not carry flammable objects
  2. Do not sit on the floor and use folding chairs
  3. Carrying firearms or sharp weapons without permission is prohibited
  4. Do not litter
  5. Selling is prohibited
  6. Eating and drinking are prohibited
  7. No Smoking
  8. Do not bring strong smelling objects
  9. Busking is prohibited
  10. It is forbidden to bring animals

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