Here's how to attach Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 stamp duty according to the regulations of the Director General of Taxes

Here's how to attach Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 stamp duty according to the regulations of the Director General of Taxes – As of January 1, 2021, the government implemented the use of Rp. 10,000 stamp duty. But until the end of this year, the government has ensured that Rp. 6,000 and Rp. 3,000 stamp duty can be used until the existing stock runs out with a minimum nominal value of Rp. 9,000.

The Directorate General of Taxes of the Republic of Indonesia initially announced the combined use of IDR 3,000 and IDR 6,000 stamp duty. First, by using 3 pieces of IDR 3,000 stamp duty. Second, use Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 stamp duty each width. Most recently, two pieces of IDR 6,000 stamp duty were used. This is stated in Law Number 10 of 2020 concerning Stamp Duty.

Recently, digital flyers have been circulating on WhatsApp Groups and social media. The online picture or flyer shows the nine steps for affixing a seal according to Law 10/2020.

In the flyers that were distributed, the four steps to affixing a seal were classified as correct or legally acceptable. At that time, the five steps attached to the seal were apparently incorrect or perhaps unacceptable for legal documents. There are many things that need to be paid attention to when wanting to attach a seal, one of which is the attached status, the status of the signature and/or legal stamp.

The Director of Information, Service and Citizenship of DGT RI Hestu Yoga Meticulously started talking about pictures or flyers containing steps attached to Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 stamps which are widely spread on WhatsApp Groups and social media. According to him, this wide spread area complies with the requirements set by Law 10/2020.

"This online brochure or flyer is good, but there are a number of things that need to be emphasized," said Yoga.

Compiled from leaflets and information from the Indonesian DGT, the following are correct and acceptable procedures for using Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 6,000 stamp duty for official documents:

  1. The position is not overlapping which aims to make the seal look intact
  2. The seals are affixed vertically or horizontally
  3. The date column on the stamp duty is filled with the date when the stamp duty was used
  4. The affixed signature must overwrite the entire seal and paper
  5. Caps are optional.
How to Stick a Stamp
How to Stick a Stamp

Securities Transaction Documents

Through the DGT's official release on December 18 2020, Hestu also announced that stamp duty was imposed on trade confirmations (TC) without a limit on the nominal value received by investors as securities transaction documents, which would incur a stamp duty of IDR 10,000 per document.

The document is a transaction of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and others. Later, for every transaction of shares, bonds and other debt securities on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), a fee of IDR 10,000 will be charged.

"The imposition of stamp duty will be carried out on documents taking into account the limits of the reasonable value stated in the documents and taking into account the capabilities of the community," said Hestu, quoted on Tuesday (12/1/2020).

In order to encourage or implement government programs and policies, the competent authority in the field of monetary or services finance can provide stamp duty exemption facilities.

"DGT is coordinating with monetary authorities and business actors to formulate the policy," he added.

Duty stamp
Duty stamp

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