BLT Salary Subsidies Attempted by the Minister of Manpower to be disbursed in January 2021

BLT Salary Subsidies Attempted by the Minister of Manpower to be disbursed in January 2021 - Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah will seek disbursement of BLT wage assistance for employees who have not received BLT wage assistance for the 2020 budget year. BLT wage assistance with a total of IDR 2.4 million for employees with wages below IDR 5 million.

The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) wrote that there were 110,762 employees who had not received salary assistance contributions (BSU) or BLT wage assistance in batch 1 and 159,727 employees in batch 2, so that a total of 270,489 employees did not receive BLT wage assistance.

There are many reasons why these 270,000 employees cannot receive BLT wage assistance. One of them is account problems. He admitted that there were accounts that could not be channeled due to many reasons, such as data duplication, incorrect account numbers, accounts that had been closed or blocked due to being passive for a long period of time, and accounts that did not match the NIK, were locked up.

To end this problem there is a problem of limited time because at the end of December 2020 all remaining funds must be returned to the state treasury as stipulated in Ministerial Regulations Finance,” said Ida.

The PKB politician added that if the money returned to the state treasury is a form of financial accountability, remember that the 2020 budget year is over. But Ida assures those who receive BSU whose data is correct and there are no problems, the distribution will be attempted to be continued.

"So hopefully in January this data reconciliation with the channeling bank will be completed, so we will ask it to return to the list of countries to redistribute it," he said.

Meanwhile, with regard to the distribution of BLT wage assistance in 2021, he was unable to provide clarity on its redistribution.

"For the 2021 state budget year, we have not received an order to redistribute the BSU program. We already have the results of the assessment which we will provide and coordinate with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. If our economic situation has not returned to normal, I think we can think about this dialogue regarding the BSU Program to be carried out again in 2021," he said.

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