How to Check BPUM or UMKM Assistance Recipients – The Indonesian government provides a lot of assistance to the community, one of which is BPUM or UMKM. How to check BPUM and UMKM aid recipients? To find out, you can refer to the article below.

BPUM is also known as BLT UMKM. This social assistance is in the form of cash provided by the government to many Indonesian people. Every Indonesian citizen can verify and check whether they are one of the beneficiaries or not.

What is BPUM or BLT UMKM

Before knowing how to check beneficiaries, you need to know that BLT UMKM stands for "Direct Cash Assistance for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises", while BPUM stands for "Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises".

Many Indonesian people have benefited greatly from this assistance, especially after the arrival of the pandemic in the country. The Indonesian government has donated 1.2 million Rupiah in cash to help this family.

A business from this amount goes to each community business. This government assistance program is a form of its commitment to supporting the Indonesian economy amid the outbreak of the epidemic.

This assistance program is given to MSME actors in all regions of Indonesia. The total beneficiaries are 12.8 million MSME actors with the aim of sustaining their business during the COVID period.

Requirements for Obtaining MSME Assistance

By using this program, every Indonesian who is an MSME actor can find out the various requirements set to get public support. If you own a business but haven't received this support, you should know the following criteria:

  1. Is an actor or owner of MSMEs and is an Indonesian citizen or Indonesian citizen, not a foreign citizen
  2. Actors who will register for support from the BPUM program must have a medium, small, or micro business. Residents who wish to register must also have a National Identity Number (NIK) provided by the state
  3. MSME actors cannot be members of the National Police, not members of the TNI, not ASN or state civil servants, or employees of BUMD or BUMN (State Owned Enterprises).
  4. Businesses managed by MSMEs no longer receive credit or are sponsored by People's Business Credit (KUR) or obtain business loans from any bank
  5. If the KTP address of the MSME owner is different from the place of business, the MSME actor must show the SKU or business certificate issued by the competent authority

MSMEs who wish to register for the BPUM program must meet the five standards above. Apart from that, there are a lot of files or documents that must be completed by every business actor to register and get support from the Indonesian government. These files are:

  1. Have a NIK, also known as a KTP, or a number that identifies residents
  2. A person's last residence or primary residence
  3. Certain business fields that will be proposed to receive cash assistance for businesses
  4. An active telephone number that can still be contacted
  5. SKU or Business Certificate if the business location is not the same as the business owner's residence

Before MSME actors start registering, all the data above must be ready. The file requirements mentioned above must be fulfilled first before business actors understand how to verify and disburse BPUM on the eform BRI, BNI, BLT UMKM.

How to Register for the BPUM Program

After completing the various files above and MSME actors completing all the necessary requirements, MSME actors also need to understand how to register so that they can be included in the list of recipients of government funding assistance. This is how you register for the program:

  1. Prepare all the documents and requirements requested by the government then come to one of the Cooperatives and UMKM Offices near the house or place of business of the UMKM actors by bringing all the requirements listed above
  2. Apply for a relief program finance for MSMEs by submitting documents required by the government. The Office of Cooperatives and UMKM will review the papers and authenticate all identities
  3. If there are criteria that have not been met or the files are incomplete, MSME actors who register will be asked to complete all the required files first before proceeding to the next registration procedure.
  4. The officer will register your business so that it can be considered for BPUM financial support if the files are checked and it turns out that the business meets all the criteria and has been properly prepared
  5. The next thing you need to do is wait until the announcement schedule is announced. After that, you can contact everyone involved in the BPUM payment process. Funds will be issued immediately and can be used immediately

After registering, you can also check to make sure that you are registered as a recipient of financial assistance for MSMEs. Checking can be done easily from anywhere and anytime.

How to Check MSME or BPUM Assistance Recipients

There is a specific method to see if you have registered as a participant in the government support program for small and medium enterprises. Only a mobile device or PC is required to perform the check.

In addition, a good internet connection or network is required to ensure a smooth inspection procedure. Just follow the method for checking MSME or BPUM assistance recipients below:

  1. Open a web browser on your mobile device or PC, if you have one. Then enter the internet URL to verify the recipient of the funding assistance, namely
  2. After the BPUM main page is successfully opened on the monitor screen, enter your 16-digit KTP number in the KTP Number column. Please check again if the number you provided is the same as the one on your photo ID
  3. Next, enter the Verification Code that appears under the ID number column in the empty column below. If in doubt, hit the reload button and type in the code that seems easier for you to understand
  4. Then click the Process Inquiry button to process the checking request. It only takes a few seconds to display the data. If it has not been registered, an eKTP number will appear that is not registered as a BPUM recipient

However, if the information that appears on the screen is information that you are registered as a beneficiary of the assistance program, you can proceed to the disbursement process. New MSMEs will be able to receive assistance in 2021 if it is paid in full and on time.

How to cash BPUM on Eform BRI, BNI, BLT UMKM

Like the various previous procedures, the process of distributing government funding to MSME actors also requires several stages that must be carried out by the recipient of the assistance. Luckily, the government streamlined the procedure so it's easy to follow.

The government is working with three channeling agencies that can be contacted to obtain BPUM assistance funds. The three institutions are the Post Office, BRI and BNI. To make payments as simple as possible, follow this procedure.

Through Bank Negara Indonesia or BNI

This first technique may be carried out by MSME actors who already have BNI or Bank Negara Indonesia accounts.

There are various approaches that must be followed by MSME actors and BNI account holders to collect aid funds from the government.

  1. BPUM recipients will receive communications from related parties. This notification can be delivered via a WhatsApp conversation, telephone call, or via SMS informing that the procedure for payment of funds must be carried out quickly
  2. BPUM beneficiaries must come to the BNI branch office with various relevant documents, including KTP, SKU or NIB, and Family Card, after receiving notification from the relevant party
  3. After arriving at the BNI branch office, recipients of BPUM funds will be asked to sign a letter of accountability as recipients of MSME assistance funds. This condition is a mandatory requirement that cannot be skipped
  4. Then the distributor, namely BNI, will transfer BPUM support money to the recipient's account number that has been registered with BNI. You can use this cash quickly in growing your business

Before going to the channel for MSME funding assistance, BNI, make sure you already have a BNI account. Bring your savings book to the BNI office so that the distributor can immediately give you the money you are entitled to use.

Disbursing aid funds at Bank Rakyat Indonesia or BRI

MSME owners who have BRI accounts can use Bank Rakyat Indonesia as a channel for channeling MSME assistance funds from the government.

The disbursement method that must be taken is as easy as the process of disbursing aid funds through BNI. Here are all the steps to follow.

  1. MSME owners need to check the website first to make sure they are included in the list of beneficiaries. The reservation page link will be sent to the recipient if the MSME actor is registered as a claim recipient
  2. To make a reservation, customers must fill in all the essential areas, including their ID number and the selected Queue Schedule and their province, county or city. The reference number will be displayed on the screen after all information is entered
  3. In government for a BRI branch office to issue grant money from the channeling office, the reference number that appears must be kept or recorded for future reference
  4. The beneficiary must visit a BRI branch office to make payments according to a predetermined schedule. The recipient must start the reservation procedure from the beginning again if the deadline for receiving MSME support money has passed
  5. In order to receive the assistance money, the recipient must provide a number of letters, including proof of identity, an ATM card and BRI savings book, a statement of responsibility, and an SKU if needed.
  6. After the officer validates the details, the cash will be disbursed immediately. To the BRI account number that receives MSME assistance, the MSME assistance money will be sent. The funds can be immediately used as additional money to run the business

It is very important to come to the grant distribution office on a schedule determined by the recipient himself. If the beneficiary arrives earlier or after the specified time, the officer will not serve the MSMEs assistance money disbursement process.

Disbursement of BPUM Funds through the Post Office

How to check BPUM beneficiaries on Eform BRI, BNI, BLT UMKM, which are final through the Post Office or PT. Indonesian post. The government and the Post Office synergize in channeling BPUM funds to MSMEs which so far have not been reached by banks.

The aim of the partnership between the government and the Post Office is to reach MSMEs in rural areas. As a result, MSMEs can save on travel costs by distributing cash assistance without having to go to the city.

But of course there are procedures that must be followed by MSME actors who are declared registered as recipients of aid funds. The following is a thorough protocol to follow during the checkout process.

  1. The Ministry of Finance's Program Credit Information System (SIKP) and the Financial Services Authority's Financial Information Service System (SLIK) will process, verify, and validate all MSME owner data (OJK)
  2. Until the Budget Using Agency determines again that the beneficiary is a BPUM UMKM BLT assistance recipient, the requester for assistance is considered a nominee
  3. Disbursers of aid money, especially the Post Office, are required to carry out KYC or Know Your Customer procedures which aim to ensure the correctness of the data on recipients of aid funds.
  4. Recipients of BPUM UMKM assistance are required to sign a Statement of Absolute Responsibility or STJM for the data they provide to the distributor of the assistance money they have received after going through all the previous stages
  5. As part of the process application, BPUM UMKM recipients must also provide proof of identity in the form of a KTP, and fill out an application form with NIK, full name, address printed on the KTP, telephone number, and business line

If all data has been verified for validity and MSME actors who come to the Post Office are indeed recipients of BPUM MSME assistance, the distributor will immediately send cash assistance to these MSME actors.

Businesses run by MSME actors can benefit from the funds provided by these businesses, enabling them to continue operating during a pandemic.

With this approach, MSMEs affected by the pandemic can continue their business successfully.

What If Your Business Has Not Been Registered?

New business entities or business entities that have not been registered need to be registered in advance with certain agencies.

Business registration can also be done online so you can register your business anytime and anywhere. To get started, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the site in any web browser installed on a desktop system or mobile device. If you don't have an account yet, select the registration option to register your existing business
  2. To access the Individual menu, first select Business Licensing. Then register the NIB that is most suitable for your business. Take care to fill out the form accurately and completely before clicking Save and Continue
  3. After selecting the Add Business option from the drop-down menu, fill out the form again. If your business is a small business, apply for a location permit as well as an environmental permit under the business infrastructure commitment area. Continue by clicking Next
  4. The next step is to double-check the on-screen data summary to ensure it is accurate and complete. Check the disclaimer column then click the NIB generation procedure option

With NIB, the business you run can participate in the MSME support program. Now you can follow all the registration and payment steps according to the previously mentioned information.

You can use Eform BRI, BNI, or BLT UMKM to distribute BPUM in the way that best suits your needs. Sending money to your BRI or BNI account will be easier if you already have a BRI or BNI account.


BLT UMKM stands for "Direct Cash Assistance for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises", while BPUM stands for "Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises".

In the article above, we not only provide a way to check receipt of BPUM and UMKM assistance, but we also discuss what BPUM is, the requirements for obtaining it, how to register, and disburse assistance, through BNI, BRI and Pos Indonesia banks.

Thus the article on How to Check BPUM or UMKM Assistance Recipients, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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