Now being a PPPK, it turns out that you are not inferior to civil servants

Now being a PPPK, it turns out that you are not inferior to civil servants – The current government has accepted the suggestion of an honorary teacher scheme for prospective Government Employees with a Work Agreement (PPPK). For 2021, the government is targeting 1 million honorary teachers to become PPPK employees.

Plt. The Assistant for Planning and Procurement of Human Resources for Apparatus of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Katmoko Ari Sambodo explained, later PPPK employees who can pass the selection will have the same status as Civil Servants (PNS). Starting from the calculation of wages to benefits obtained.

The facilities obtained are arranged in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 98 of 2020 concerning PPPK salaries and allowances.

"PPPK has the right to receive wages and benefits including food allowances, family allowances, structural position allowances, functional position allowances and other allowances," he said at the Commission X DPR RI work meeting (Raker), Monday (18/1/2021).

For the calculation of the amount of wages and benefits given to PPPK it will be the same as civil servants. This is because the amount is determined based on the calculation of wages and benefits for civil servants according to their position.

"The amount of allowance is adjusted to the statutory provisions governing allowances for civil servants," he explained.

He continued, wages and benefits for Central PPPK employees would be borne by the state budget. As for Regional PPPK employees, they will be paid by the APBD.

Besides that, teachers who can pass the selection through the PPPK scheme also cannot be stopped just like that. This means that the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) cannot simply expel PPPK employees.

This was emphasized by the Deputy for Personnel Information Systems at the National Civil Service Agency (BKN) Suharmen. He said that PPPK employees who passed the selection would be the same as PNS until the termination process had to also go through the stages according to the law.

“PPPK cannot simply be dismissed. There is a similar process with civil servants. This is because PPPK has a master number. If there is a master number then there is a process for them if the PPK then terminates unilaterally. There are stages and processes there," he said.

The stages for terminating PPPK employees are the same as PNS as contained in Law number 5 of 2014. In this law, one of the goals is to divide ASN into two classifications, namely PNS and PPPK employees.

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