How to Register for BPUM BRI Online Assistance – Before explaining how to register BPUM BRI online and distribute BLT UMKM 1.2 million, it is better to find out information about the BPUM itself first. Including the terms and conditions under which you are eligible to register.

Basically BPUM (Micro Business Productive Assistance), also known as BLT UMKM, is a government initiative aimed at supporting economic recovery for businesses affected by the epidemic.

Business capital provided by the government of IDR 1.2 million per person is a form of this assistance. For the distribution itself, the government has budgeted up to 15.3 trillion and will be allocated to 12.8 million MSME business actors.

The distribution of this assistance is possible through many well-known banks, including BRI, BPD. BNI and Bank Mandiri. Meanwhile, the given URL allows you to do your own check.

What are the advantages of BPUM BRI

Information on How to Register BPUM BRI Online and Distribution of 1.2 Million BLT UMKM is of course quite important for MSME business actors. Because of the various benefits that will be obtained by recipients of this financial assistance. The following are some of the benefits of BPUM:

What are the advantages of BPUM BRI

Helps Reduce Unemployment Rate

Based on BPS data, survey results reveal that as of May 2021 there will be an additional 760 thousand people starting new businesses (MSMEs) with an increase of 4.5 million informal workers.

Providing BPUM assistance to business actors apparently provides useful provisions for the business activities of MSME actors. It has been proven that this assistance was quite effective in reducing the unemployment rate that arose as a result of the outbreak.

Encouraging the Emergence of New Entrepreneurs

Although in terms of numbers it is not very significant, the provision of BPUM assistance is also important to encourage the emergence of new entrepreneurs. Losing a job can lead to the creation of a new business, which is why it is very likely.

Entrepreneurs who previously experienced financial problems and had to close their businesses now have the opportunity to start new, more promising businesses. The provision of BPUM is expected to provide maximum benefits for MSME actors.

Encouraging the Emergence of New Entrepreneurs

Developing MSMEs

Capital assistance from the government through the BPUM program is also important to grow the MSME operations that have been launched. The goal is for MSMEs to grow and open up new job prospects that can accommodate layoffs.

Requirements for Obtaining BPUM BRI Assistance

The terms and conditions for government BPUM assistance must be understood by all small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Requirements for requesting BPUM assistance include:

  1. MSME business actors have never received BPUM.
  2. Has received BPUM in the previous fiscal year.
  3. Currently, there is no People's Business Credit (KUR) from the bank.
  4. Are Indonesians considered citizens? (Indonesian citizens).
  5. Take advantage of E-KTP (Electronic Identity Card).
  6. Business actors with different ID cards and business addresses must have an SKU.
  7. Have a micro business in accordance with the proposal letter from the recipient's BPUM applicant and its supporting materials.
  8. Not the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), members of the TNI/POLRI and employees of BUMN and BUMD.

How to Check BPUM BRI Assistance

Some of you business people are certainly interested in knowing whether you are registered as a BPUM assistance recipient this year or not. So before you do the technique of registering BPUM BRI online and disbursing BLT UMKM 1.2 million, it's a good idea to check first by telephone.

Here's how to see if you have BPUM support:

  1. First, please access the BRI e-Form website at
  2. If so, all you have to do is fill in your KTP or NIK number in the column provided.
  3. Enter the verification code as shown.
  4. Then click on the Request Process heading in the left hand column.
  5. Wait until the process is complete.
  6. In addition, you will get news whether you have been approved for BPUM assistance or not.

In addition, the portal provides access to beneficiary data in addition to checking the availability of BPUM assistance via the BRI e-Form:

How to Check BPUM BRI Assistance

  1. The first step is to access the website on your mobile device and enter your NIK or KTP number.
  2. Then click the Search option and try to check whether your name is registered as a BPUM assistance recipient or not.
  3. You can immediately start the disbursement process if you have registered as a beneficiary.

If the checking results show that your name has not been registered, it could be because the data is being processed or there may be conditions that have not been fully met.

In addition to verification via the BRI e-Form or the website, usually prospective BPUM assistance recipients will also receive notifications via SMS from the channeling bank. If you get an SMS, you must immediately go to the bank to start the disbursement process.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online and Get 1.2 Million BLT for MSMEs

Basically, BPUM assistance money is given to MSME business actors affected by the outbreak. If you are a business actor and have met the various requirements mentioned, then you also have the ability to register as a potential beneficiary.

Those who are interested in registering for the BPUM assistance program can find out how to register for BPUM BRI online and get 1.2 million BLT UMKM in this guide.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online

If you find that you are not included in the list of BPUM assistance recipients even though you have met all the requirements that have been imposed, there is nothing wrong with trying to register online as follows:

  1. The first step to applying for BPUM assistance is to create an account and log in on the website.
  2. If you can proceed by clicking on the Business Licensing menu then clicking on the Individual option.
  3. Next, just click NIB Registration (Business Registration Number) for Micro Individuals for individual micro business owners.
  4. Individual Small Business Actors can also register by simply pressing the Small Individual NIB Registration button.
  5. The next step is to process the NIB and Business Permit then complete the fields in the available Profile Data form.
  6. Proceed by clicking Save and then clicking Continue.
  7. Please click the Add Business menu on the Business Data Form.
  8. Then fill in the data in the Business Data form, click Save and click Next.
  9. Please complete the Business Infrastructure Commitment form and click Next to access application Location Permit and Environmental Permit. Thank you for your time and interest.
  10. If all data has been filled in completely, then you can see a summary of the data along with a preview of it in the Draft NIB and Business Permit.
  11. After that, all you have to do is check the Disclaimer box and click Process NIB to complete the process.
  12. To double-check, see the NIB of Output and Business Permit, as well as the valid Location Permit, Environmental Permit or Business Permit documents.
  13. The displayed Business License can then be printed in QR form using the QR Business License Preview option.

In submitting the submission stage, the process for Commercial/Operational Permits can be carried out. To request BPUM BRI assistance, you need to apply for a Commercial/Operational Permit in the following way:

How to Register BPUM BRI via the Internet

  1. Selecting IUMK and then Commercial/Operational Permit from the Applications menu is the first step.
  2. You can choose your NIB number or Business Activity Name and proceed by clicking Choose NIB.
  3. A List of Business Activities will appear and you can immediately click Select Business Activities.
  4. Select the Commercial/Operational Permit option to continue with the process.
  5. In this section you can complete all important data and click Next then Save.
    Draft Commercial/Operational Permits can be viewed by clicking Preview Permissions, then clicking Next and Save to check.
  6. For the final stage, please click the Commercial/Operational Permit Preview that has been granted by OSS on the Output menu for Commercial/Operational Permits.
  7. The procedure for applying for an OSS Commercial/Operational Permit has been completed.

How to Register BPUM BRI Offline

For those of you who have an MSME business and have fulfilled all the requirements outlined, you can register immediately. Apart from online registration, you can also try registering offline.

However, before registering, make sure the type of business you are building is real and has proven existence. This is absolutely essential for the registration process to run successfully.

For the first stage in the registration process, you can come and register with various parties, in this case referred to as the Applicant. These proponents include:

  1. Office of Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises at city, district and provincial levels.
  2. Cooperatives that are formally formed.
  3. Relevant Ministries and Agencies.
  4. Banks or financing companies that have been registered with the OJK.
  5. The official body that works as an MSME credit distributor from the government.

Furthermore, the proposer described above will collect data on MSME actors who register themselves as potential beneficiaries of assistance. This is important because the proposer has a great responsibility to ensure that the assistance provided is effective.

There are various requirements that must be provided to complete the data on proposed BPUM assistance recipients to the proposer, including the following:

  1. NIK (Resident Identification Number) or KTP Number.
    full name and identity.
  2. Residential address as stated on the KTP.
  3. Type of business owned.
  4. One that is now in use.

How to Register BPUM BRI Offline

SKU for MSMEs with Different Addresses

Previously, it was revealed that one of the conditions that MSMEs had to fulfill as BPUM assistance applicants was to attach a Business Certificate (SKU) (SKU). For those of you whose place of business is not the same as the one on the KTP, this is very important.

MSME actors can immediately get SKUs at the village office or the local village head. The SKU management will then be sent to the sub-district office and approved by the competent authority.

Several documents are required to track SKUs. Among them are cover letters from RT and RW, KK and KTP. The provision of SKUs for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) indicates that these businesses are among the targeted businesses.

The SKU also provides information that the business actor is actually a resident of the RT/RW area within the local kelurahan. The validity period of this SKU is 1 year, so that when the validity period has expired, the business actor must reapply as needed.

How to Make a Business Certificate (SKU)

For those of you who want to attach an SKU because your place of business is different from the domicile on your KTP, you can immediately apply for a SKU through the following steps:

  1. Make a statement about the validity and accuracy of documents and supporting data in your cover letter.
  2. Stamp duty has been completed for the application letter.
  3. Include a letter of introduction from the local RT or RW.
  4. Include a power of attorney if management is outsourced to someone else.
  5. Like the application letter, the power of attorney is also equipped with a stamp and attached the KTP of the power of attorney.
  6. Include clear identification, including KTP, Family Card (KK), and NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number).
  7. A statement not to sell on the road or sidewalk and not to disturb the public interest must also be included in the contract.
  8. Attach a clear snapshot of the business location.
  9. Attach a land or building rental agreement along with the identity or KTP of the building owner.

The official PTSP DKI Jakarta website has a number of forms and other complete documents that can be obtained by those of you who live in Jakarta. And if all the requirements are complete, including the SKU, then you can register immediately.

How to Make a Business Certificate (SKU)

Terms and How to Disburse BPUM BRI Assistance

For those of you who want to seek BPUM assistance, it is important to know how to register for BPUM BRI online and distribute 1.2 million BLT UMKM. If you are already registered as a beneficiary, you must know how to get 1.2 million BLT UMKM.


BPUM BRI Assistance Disbursement Requirements

After you are registered as a recipient of BPUM assistance and are entitled to a cash fund of 1.2 million, the next thing to do is withdraw the funds. The stages and conditions for disbursing BPUM assistance are as follows:

  1. If you don't have a passbook and ATM card yet, the bank will open them for you soon.
  2. Second, you must bring proof of your identity, such as a KTP.
  3. Statement letter
  4. SPTJM (Statement of Absolute Responsibility) and power of attorney for receipt of BPUM payments are included.

How to Disburse BPUM BRI Assistance Using the Reservation System

Those of you whose names are listed on the list of BPUM BRI assistance recipients can immediately withdraw money from the reservation system at Through this website you can find out the queue quota and choose the location of the UKO (Operational Work Unit) and the disbursement date.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online and Get 1.2 Million BLT for MSMEs

The method of disbursement is as follows:

  1. As soon as your name is registered as a recipient of BPUM BRI assistance, you will be taken to the reservation page.
  2. Just fill in the available data, starting from your KTP number and moving to where you live, your queue schedule, and any UKO information. Just that.
  3. If all data is complete including the verification code, a reference number will appear which must be saved.
  4. To complete the reservation steps, simply enter the UKO facility on the scheduled day and time and provide your NIK as identification.
  5. For the record, if you don't come according to schedule then you have to make a reservation again.

How to Disburse BPUM BRI Assistance Using the Reservation System

Is it that difficult to register BPUM BRI online and distribute BLT UMKM 1.2 million? Of course! Make sure your name is registered as a recipient of BPUM BRI assistance and immediately distribute 1.2 million rupiah for further capital for your business.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online 2022 Via Mobile

Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises is one of the government's presidential assistance programs offered to the public during an epidemic. The following is a guide that will follow you on how to register BPUM BRI.

Even after the COVID-19 outbreak, micro-entrepreneurs can still register with BPUM. After the outbreak, micro-enterprises became the government's priority so they could be productive again. Various initiatives from various economic sectors that had been shaken were supported

Micro, small and medium enterprises (also known as MSMEs) are required to relocate in an effort to help the country's economic development.

As a result, business actors who previously could not afford to advance were encouraged to participate in registering their MSMEs in order to obtain BPUM financing.

Due to the type of BLT assistance provided by the government targeting micro, small and medium enterprises, the assistance disbursed was IDR 2.4 million.

This assistance can be disbursed if the micro business actor has been registered as a beneficiary and has the requirements as a BPUM recipient.

How to Register BPUM BRI via the Internet

You can all use the Online UMKM Registration Method for the business that you have besides visiting the local office or cooperative office.

One of the mandatory requirements that must be owned by business actors who wish to receive BPUM presidential assistance is a business that has been registered with the relevant agency.

A Business Identification Number (BIN) is required in addition to the SKU or Business Certificate (NIB).

For those who have not been able to register their business with the local Cooperative and MSME Office, they can register online at How to Register BPUM BRI.

Check BPUM Beneficiary Through Banpres BPUM

Register BPUM BRI via the Internet

  1. First of all, open your browsers and proceed to the website. Then register for an ID or account
  2. Choose the registration you want or according to the UMK Business Scale
  3. Select sole entrepreneur and
  4. Use a current phone number and email address.
  5. Select verification and tick the inbox on the email,
  6. Enter the code you received via email and
  7. Fill in the Registration Form, enter the correct data
  8. It's time to register your business with an NIB number
  9. Wait for the results to appear on the page
  10. After you have successfully registered your MSME on the official website, don't forget to attach the NIB file that you have successfully obtained.

The next disbursement process will be announced via a short message sent to the designated telephone number.

How to Check BPUM Recipients

As we know, friends, at this BPUM Presidential Decree Recipient Quota stage, there will be at least 3 million MSMEs that will receive BPUM Presidential Decree.

Checking the beneficiary's NIK BPUM can now be done either by checking BLT funds or using the method below provided by the admin for your convenience.

Check BPUM Beneficiary Through Banpres BPUM

Banpres BPUM, as you know, offers BPUM beneficiary verification services. Through, this website will provide data about BPUM recipients.

Follow the steps below, friend, to check if your cellphone already has a BPUM BRI using the web address.

  1. Open your search browser and open the link
  2. Enter your NIK on the NIK search page
  3. Select Search Process NIK \sand Wait until the search is complete
  4. If the NIK number you are looking for has the right to get BPUM, information will appear on the BPUM recipient's NIK.
  5. Next, you can bring an attachment from to make a disbursement.

Check BPUM BRI e-form recipients

As we know, Bank BRI is one of the banks participating in the BPUM Presidential Decree.

BPUM disbursement can be done at many BRI Bank branches or offices, but before making a withdrawal it's a good idea to check your NIK using the BRI eform.

To check it, you can follow these steps:

  1. Friends, please open to open the official website.
  2. Enter the National Identity Number (NIK) you are looking for
  3. Write the captcha code correctly
  4. Tap NIK Search Process
  5. Wait for the results to appear on the screen.
  6. Bring the attachment from the BRI e-form and come to the nearest BRI Bank to make a disbursement if the NIK you are looking for has the right to BPUM Presidential Assistance.


BPUM (Micro Business Productive Assistance), also known as BLT UMKM, is a government initiative aimed at supporting economic recovery for businesses affected by the epidemic. Business capital provided by the government of IDR 1.2 million per person is a form of this assistance.

The Indonesian government's BPUM program provides financial assistance to small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This year, 1.2 million UMKM BLT will be distributed to UMKM in Indonesia. Check whether you meet the requirements by accessing the BRI e-Form below.

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