Official Madrasah BOS Funds Disbursed in April – In this article we will provide good news for educational institutions BOS Madrasah funds are officially disbursed on April 19, 2022.

This is because the Ministry of Religion will again disburse School Operational Assistance (BOS) funds this April. Stage 1 disbursement of BOS funds actually started in March 2022 with a quite astonishing value, namely IDR 2.2 trillion.

April BOS Madrasa Fund

In the first phase of disbursement of BOS funds, 31,838 Madrasahs received funds throughout Indonesia

Meanwhile, BOS funds worth Rp 1.3 trillion were disbursed again in April. As a result, the Ministry of Religion distributed BOS funds totaling IDR 3.5 trillion.

April BOS Madrasa Fund

"We are targeting the disbursement of Phase I BOS to be completely completed on April 22, 2022," said the Director of Curriculum, Facilities, Institutions, and Student Affairs (KSKK) Madrasah M Isom Yusqi in Jakarta, as quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture. religious site.

Details of BOS Recipients A total of 48,098 Madrasahs

Of this total, 23,666 were affiliated with Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI), 16,363 with Madrasah Tsawnawiyah, and 8,069 with Madrasah Aliyah (MA).

“Last week, April 12 2022 to be precise, steps were taken to accelerate the disbursement of BOS involving parties from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, KPPN and banking parties. We are continuing to work so that disbursement can be carried out on April 18, 2022 for 8,391 MTs with funds of IDR 664,276,250,000," he said.

"As for Madrasah Aliyah, we are trying to liquidate it on April 19, 2022 for 7,869 MA with Rp. 719,793,750,000 in funds. We hope that there will be no technical and administrative problems in the disbursement process," he continued.

There is an Additional BOS Plan

The Head of Sub-Directorate for Institutional and Cooperation of the Madrasah KSKK Directorate, Aceng Abdul Aziz stated that his party was dedicated to improving services, especially the disbursement of Madrasah BOS.

This is because BOS funds are a very important source of funding for madrasah education. On the other hand, Aceng also mentioned that in April 2022 his party would further organize BOS.

"We and the madrasa administrators continue to work hard to make madrasas self-sufficient and achievers. Even in April 2022 we are also planning additional BOS through the madrasa reform program, namely Performance Assistance and Affirmation Assistance (BKBA)," he said.

Requirements for Disbursing Bos Funds in 2022

The following conditions are necessary for the disbursement of BOS funds, namely as follows:

A. In the BOS Portal

  1. MCC repair
    (Login first-download-sign-upload again at the BOS portal)
  2. Download the SKPR format on the BOS portal (login first)
  3. Print proof of upload (can be done if already uploaded PKS repair)
    – PKS is filled in manually by hand
    – The account number will be informed when it has been activated at the bank

B. Bank Mandiri dealers

  1. NPWP of madrasah (given a maximum of 6 months)
  2. Copy and original of IJOP/AKTA of Establishment/Madrasah Establishment Charter
  3. The original letter of appointment for Kamad was signed by the foundation and the letter for appointing the Treasurer was signed by Kamad
  4. A copy of the cooperation agreement between the beneficiary and the official making the commitment
  5. Photocopy of KTP of Head of Madrasah and Treasurer of Madrasah and show the original
  6. A stamped power of attorney for blocking and debiting beneficiary accounts (SKPR) in download format on the BOS portal
  7. Print proof of upload from the BOS portal

C. MA and MTS recipients of BOS funds

With the previous BNI dealer, please upload the repair PKS and print proof of upload to:


The School Operational Assistance Fund (BOS) is a program organized by the government to help schools in Indonesia to carry out better learning activities for students in the form of grants.

In the article above we did not only discuss the amount of BOS funds that were officially disbursed, but we also discussed the details of BOS recipients, and don't forget we also discussed the conditions for receiving BOS funds.

Thus the article about the Official Liquid Madrasah BOS Fund for the Month of April, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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