How to Check Employment BPJS Balances Through the BPJSTKU Website and Application

How to Check Employment BPJS Balances Through the BPJSTKU Website and Application – The Employment Social Security Administration Agency (BPJS) or BPJAMSOSTEK makes it easy for Employment BPJS participants to check the balance of the Old Age Security (JHT) program online.

It is known that for the JHT program, some employees will receive money when they reach retirement age. Testing can be carried out through the BPJSTKU program.

The JHT balance received is the accumulated value of the monthly levies added to the development results. This money can be received if the JHT participant reaches the retirement age of 56 years.

BPJS Employment participants can also get JHT if they stop working or resign, get laid off, die, or experience total disability.

Here's How to Check BPJS Employment Balance:

How to Check Employment BPJS Balances with the Website

Checking BPJS Employment balances online can be done by opening the website Then, log in by entering your email address, password, and click I'm not a robot if you've registered.

If not yet registered, participants can select 'user list' by entering some data such as segments and email addresses. Later users can find balance checks for 'JHT Balance'.

How to Check Employment BPJS Balance Via BPJS TKU

How to check the next BPJS Employment balance with application BPJSTKU. This application can be downloaded on Play Store or App Store. If you are a user, you have registered as a BPJS Employment participant.

First, download the BPJSTKU application on the Play Store or App Store. If the user has been registered as a BPJS Employment participant, he or she can directly log in.

Login by entering your email address and password. Then click login. If you forgot your password, you can click forgot password. Then enter your email and BPJS Employment will send a verification code to your email.

Then enter the password and click login on the BPJSTKU application. Here you can check 'View Balance'. Your last JHT balance will be displayed.

If you haven't registered with the application, you can register for an account or register a new user. Then click the next step such as your membership type.

Select 'New User Registration' then click on the type of membership, namely 'Wage Recipient' for the JHT program. Then fill in data such as full name, date of birth, identity number, BPJS Employment number (11 digits), to email.

Then, verify the data via email or phone number and enter the code sent via SMS so that the user can log in or enter the application.

If so, you can check the BPJS Employment balance. It's easy to follow the steps on how to check the BPJS balance?

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