The following are tricks to pass the 2021 CPNS Recruitment Selection according to the chosen formation

The following are tricks to pass the 2021 CPNS Recruitment Selection according to the chosen formation - The government plans to open registration for 2021 Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS). The formations that are the main focus of the 2021 CPNS include vacancies in the health sector, the education sector, and the technical sector.

The 2021 CPNS acceptance will be carried out around April-May, but the exact time for CPNS registration has not been confirmed.

In the previous year, there were quite a lot of people who were not successful in carrying out CPNS either in processing files or in exams.

The following are guidelines and tactics for success in the 2021 CPNS test:

  • Don't learn suddenly

Learning suddenly will make it difficult for you to understand the material and end up in vain. The best time to prepare for the exam is around 4-7 months before the exam.

  • Create study time

In studying does not need to be done all day long. You can do it in 1 hour every day. The most efficient time is 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night.

  • Make weekly targets for studying

If you want to concentrate on one material, you need to make weekly targets. Every week you have to review the material that has been studied for 1 week. The following is the material that you need to study in the CPNS exam

  1. TWK, learn about history, legislation, nationalism, and Pancasila.
  2. TIU, learn about synonyms, antonyms, mathematics, and reasoning.
  • Make daily summaries

Every time you finish studying, you should summarize the material that has been studied. Occasionally read the material you have collected so as to add your memory to the lesson.

  • Use Google's help

If you look at the CPNS questions, they are really correct from year to year, there have even been problems that have appeared in the previous year. With Google you can practice doing the questions that were given during the exam. You can also connect to YouTube, Website, Web and others.

  • Increase the number of tryouts

Tryout is important before doing the actual exam. You can take tutoring either online or offline. Avoiding Frequent Mistakes, Not a few applicants make mistakes when registering for CPNS.

Some things that need to be considered in managing the selection of CPNS are input photos, input data, and input documents.

In inputting photos, it is generally required for participants to pose holding their KTP and CPNS Account Information Cards.

While in data input, applicants must pay attention to name, place, date of birth, education and so on. A slight mistake in writing the name will have a fatal effect on the participant.

Furthermore, when inputting documents, it must be emphasized that the files sent must match the file pattern requested, for example PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG.

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