Here's How to Get Various BLT

Here's How to Get Various BLT - The government will still provide social assistance (social assistance) in 2021. The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) provides special services for residents who have not been touched by social assistance in the form of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT).

Social Minister Tri Rismaharani explained that in order to receive social assistance, all recipients must be recorded in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

"You have to register for DTKS," said the Minister of Social Affairs

As for the steps to get it, register yourself at the hamlet/kelurahan on the spot by bringing your KTP and KK. Furthermore, this will be discussed in a Deliberation at the Dusun/Kelurahan level to determine the eligibility of the community to be included in the DTKS based on the initial analysis (pre-list) or new proposals.

"Musdes/Muskel will produce event information signed by the hamlet head/lurah and other hamlet officials, to then become the final pre-list," he said.

The Social Service uses this Final Pre-List to clarify and validate data with the complete DTKS instrument, through household visits. Data that has been verified and validated will be recorded in the Off line SIKS Program by the Dusun/District Operator, to then be exported in the form of an SIKS Extention File.

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