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State-Owned Enterprises or BUMN are companies owned by the Indonesian government, either directly or indirectly through share ownership.

SOEs were established with the aim of managing strategic sectors in Indonesia such as energy, mining, infrastructure and finance.

As state-owned companies, SOEs are also responsible for advancing the Indonesian economy and people's welfare.

As one of the important sectors in the Indonesian economy, SOEs have a very vital role in advancing national economic growth.

SOEs have the responsibility to manage and develop sectors that are very strategic and have a major impact on people's welfare.

In addition, SOEs are also responsible for increasing Indonesia's competitiveness in the global market.

Along with the development of the BUMN business, the need for skilled and qualified employees is increasing.

SOEs require employees who have the relevant expertise and experience to fill various positions within the company, from management to operational implementation.

Therefore, recruiting quality employees is very important for SOEs to meet business needs and advance the company.

Benefits of Working in SOEs

Below are some of the benefits that you can get while working in BUMN, namely:

1. Job Security Guarantee

One of the main advantages of working in a BUMN is the guarantee of high job security.

BUMN employees are guaranteed to have stable and safe jobs, even in unstable economic conditions.

This is because SOEs have resources finance and strong government support to keep the company and employees stable.

2. Competitive Salary and Benefits

In addition to guaranteed job security, BUMN employees also enjoy competitive salaries and benefits.

SOEs offer attractive salary and benefit packages for employees, including health insurance, life insurance, and pension plans.

In addition, BUMN also provide bonuses and performance incentives for employees who succeed in achieving business targets.

3. Opportunity for Career Advancement

SOEs also provide opportunities for good career advancement for employees. SOE employees have access to professional training and development programs to enhance their skills and competencies.

In addition, SOEs also provide opportunities to advance careers with internal promotions and position rotation within the company.

4. Positive Impact on Society

In addition to providing benefits for employees, working in BUMN also has a positive impact on society.

SOEs are responsible for providing high-quality services and products for the people of Indonesia, including in the energy, infrastructure and financial sectors.

Therefore, BUMN employees can feel proud and contribute to the progress and welfare of society.

Tips for Applying for Jobs in SOEs

The following are tips for applying for jobs in BUMN so that they are accepted, namely:

1. Prepare Yourself Well

Careful preparation is needed when applying for a job in BUMN. Prospective applicants should seek information about the intended BUMN company, including company profiles, vision and mission, products and services, and organizational structure.

In addition, prospective applicants should also prepare the necessary documents such as a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and grade transcripts.

2. Note the Required Qualifications

SOEs have strict qualifications and requirements for prospective employees. Therefore, prospective applicants should pay attention to the required qualifications and ensure that they meet these requirements.

This includes education, work experience, skills, and other abilities needed.

3. Display Relevant Competency and Skills

When applying for a job in a BUMN, prospective applicants should highlight the competencies and expertise that are relevant to the intended position.

Prospective applicants can display work experience, achievements, and skills relevant to the intended position. This will increase the chances of prospective applicants to be accepted into SOEs.

4. Prepare for the Strict Selection Stage

BUMN has a strict selection process to ensure that the selected employee candidates meet the required requirements and qualifications.

The selection stage usually includes a written test, interview, and skills assessment.

Therefore, prospective applicants should be well prepared to face the selection stage.

5. Maintain a Professional Attitude and Conduct

In addition to qualifications and expertise, SOEs also pay attention to the attitudes and behavior of prospective employees. Prospective applicants should demonstrate a professional attitude and behavior during the selection process.

This includes a neat and polite physical appearance, as well as friendly, confident and polite behavior.

Good attitude and behavior will increase the chances of prospective applicants to be accepted into BUMN.

How to Register Recruitment with SOEs

The following is how to register for recruitment with BUMN, including:

  • Visit the official website of the BUMN that you are interested in. Each BUMN has its own website which displays recruitment information and required requirements.
  • Choose job vacancies that match your skills and interests. Make sure you read the job description carefully and understand the requirements.
  • Register yourself through the related SOE recruitment website. Usually, you will be asked to fill out a registration form with personal information, education, and work experience.
  • Upload the required documents, such as CVs, educational certificates, and work experience letters. Make sure the documents are scanned and in the proper format.
  • Wait for further information from the related SOEs. If your application passes the administrative selection, you will be invited to take part in the next selection stage, such as a written test or interview.
  • Follow the selection stages properly and give the best of your abilities. Don't forget to prepare yourself well and show your skills and abilities.

If you are declared to have passed the selection, prepare yourself to attend training or work orientation before starting your assignment at the SOE in question.

Challenges in Recruiting SOEs

Here are some challenges that you are likely to face, namely:

1. Intense Competition

Many people want to work in state-owned companies because of the guarantee of job stability and good salary.

Therefore, competition in the recruitment of SOEs is fierce and only those who meet the stringent requirements and have good qualifications will be selected.

2. Long Selection Process

SOEs usually have a long and rigorous selection process to ensure that only those who are qualified and competent can join the company.

This selection process can take quite a long time and requires patience and perseverance from prospective employees.

3. Changes to Terms

Requirements for entering BUMN may change at any time, especially if the company experiences a change in vision and mission.

Prospective employees must keep their knowledge and skills up to date in order to meet the changed requirements.

4. Complicated Administration Process

The administrative process in SOE recruitment can be quite complicated and requires complete and accurate documents.

This can be a challenge for prospective employees who are not used to complex administrative processes.

5. High Work Standards

SOEs are large companies that usually have high and strict work standards. Prospective employees must be able to adapt quickly to different work cultures and be able to work effectively under pressure.

6. Technology Competence

In the current digital era, SOEs are increasingly dependent on technology and digital transformation. Prospective employees must have sufficient technological competence in order to adapt quickly to technological changes within the company.


SOEs have the responsibility to manage and develop sectors that are very strategic and have a major impact on people's welfare.

This is information about how to register for recruitment with BUMN easily and without complicated, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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