Procedure for submitting online SIM registration – As we know, every driver on the road must have a driving license (SIM), here are the procedures for applying for a SIM registration online.

This regulation is in accordance with Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

SIM is a registration mark and identification mark given by the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to a person depending on the type of motorized vehicle being operated.

For now, SIM card administration can be done entirely online. SIM registration and renewal can be done online.

However, not all SIM categories can be processed using this online service, but are limited to SIM A and SIM C applicants.

How to get it?

There are a number of requirements to apply for a SIM, for example SIM A, SIM C and SIM D (SIM for drivers with special needs) applicants are at least 17 years old.

Meanwhile, SIM BI applicants are at least 20 years old and SIM B II applicants are 21 years old. General SIM A can only be made if the applicant is 20 years old, BI General SIM is 22 years and General SIM B II is 23 years.

Age requirements apply to Indonesian citizens (WNI) and foreign citizens (WNA). Even though they can register online, applicants still have to come in person at the SIM Satpas or Polres, depending on their preference.

Procedure for submitting SIM registration

This is the method for applying for an online SIM registration, as follows:

  1. Access the official Polri website on the page and select the 'Online SIM Registration' menu
  2. Click the 'Start' button, after which the 'Application Data' menu will appear. Fill in the existing data correctly
  3. Click 'Continue', then fill in personal data including nationality, KTP number, name, gender, and telephone number
  4. Fill in the emergency data that can be contacted. In addition, there is also a validation data column which must include the name of the biological mother, as well as school certification data
  5. Fill in all the required data. Make sure the data entered is correct. Then click the 'Continue' button, and a menu will appear confirming the input data according to the data entered in the previous process of making an online SIM.
  6. In this menu, there will be an arrival date column that can be selected according to the desired time to come to the Polres or pre-selected arrival location
  7. Then fill in the verification code then click the 'send' button
  8. After following how to make an online SIM, a registration success screen will appear. Click 'Ok' and process on application SIM online completed.

Registration Proof

The system will automatically send an e-mail to you as proof of successful online registration. The Registration Number and the total cost of making an online SIM are included in the email reply.

After that, make payments via ATM, EDC, or BRI tellers throughout Indonesia according to the fee stated in the email.

After paying the fee for making a SIM, go to the SIM Satpas or police station by bringing your KTP and health certificate, according to the day and place listed during online registration.

After fulfilling the requirements, one only needs to undergo a series of exams to get a new driver's license consisting of a theory test, a practical exam, and a skill test using a simulator.

However, for applicants for license renewal, exams are no longer required, unless they are promoted.

SIM Making Fee

Current SIM fees are as follows:

  1. SIM A, with a cost of 120,000 rupiah
  2. B1 special SIM B, with a fee of 120,000 rupiah
  3. Special B2 SIM B, with a fee of 120,000 rupiah
  4. SIM C, with a cost of 100,000 rupiah
  5. SIM C1, with a cost of 100,000 rupiah
  6. SIM C2, with a manufacturing cost of 100,000 rupiah
  7. SIM D, with a cost of 50,000 rupiah
  8. Special D1 SIM D, with a manufacturing fee of 50,000 rupiah
  9. International SIM, with a fee of 250,000 rupiah

SIM Renewal Fee

Meanwhile, the following details the SIM renewal fee:

  1. SIM A, renewal fee of 80,000 rupiah
  2. SIM B1, renewal fee of 80,000 rupiah
  3. SIM B2, renewal fee of 80,000 rupiah
  4. SIM C, renewal fee of 75,000 rupiah
  5. SIM C1, renewal fee of 75,000 rupiah
  6. SIM C2, renewal fee of 75,000 rupiah
  7. SIM D, renewal fee of 30,000 rupiah
  8. Special D1 SIM D, renewal fee of 30,000 rupiah
  9. International SIM, renewal fee of 225,000 rupiah


In the article above we have provided information on how to apply for a SIM, create and extend a SIM.

Thus the article about Procedures for Applying for SIM Registration Online, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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