Tips for Using Social Assistance Funds Wisely and Effectively - There are tips for using social assistance funds wisely and effectively that the public needs to know so that the social assistance provided by the government can reduce the financial burden they are facing.

List of Tips for Utilizing Social Assistance Funds

As a result, which regional spending needs to be strengthened with social assistance funds?

1. Help pay off debt

The money received from the social assistance fund can be used to pay off debts or even pay it off entirely on certain debts.

If most of your debt is consumer debt, it is appropriate to pay it off immediately while you have spare money. This is because consumer debt will never drive up asset values.

2. Grocery Shopping for a Month

Social assistance funds can help meet monthly food needs. This will reduce the cost of spending on essential needs, which will affect the monthly net cash flow surplus.

3. Healthy Amount of Savings

The Covid-19 epidemic has obviously put tremendous pressure on the economy, and has ultimately caused many people to lose their regular income. When someone is economically affected, they may use their money to live.

Now, by collecting social assistance funds from the government, you can channel them to add to the savings that have been lost due to the loss of stable income.

4. Invest with Long Term Goals

The answer is yes, you can invest a small portion of your social assistance fund. The probability of this being true is quite high.

Investment can be described as an activity in which funds are kept in one or more assets for a certain period of time with the aim of receiving income or increasing the investment value. Then, the assets themselves are separated into two groups, namely real assets and financial assets.

The government has advised against using the funds to buy cigarettes. Therefore, spend money very carefully, especially allocating it for expenditure items that are really needed.

Post expenses can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Obligatory expenses, or those that are otherwise subject to fines, debts or taxes.
  2. Expenditure needs, namely clothing, food, boards.
  3. Desire expenses, such as traveling, eating and drinking at favorite restaurants, and other expenses that are closely related to lifestyle.


In the article above, we have provided tips for utilizing social assistance funds that you can do to reduce the financial burden that occurs.

Thus the article about Tips for Using Social Assistance Funds Wisely and Effectively, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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