The Easy Way to Manage a Lost SIM – If you have lost your driving license (SIM), you should not panic first, because there is an easy way to take care of a lost SIM, see this article until it's finished.

In fact, a driver's license is a necessary requirement for motorized vehicle drivers. Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation states this in Article 77 Paragraph 1.

"Everyone who drives a motorized vehicle on the road is required to have a driving license according to the type of motorized vehicle being operated," the regulation reads.

List of Easy Ways to Manage a Lost SIM

Below are several ways you need to do to take care of a lost SIM, as follows:

1. Make a Lost Certificate to the Nearest Police Station

If you lose your driver's license, the first thing you should do is visit your local police station. There, you have to provide a lost SIM certificate to prove your loss.

As a note, when processing lost letters, don't forget to include a photocopy of your SIM or show your SIM number. The loss affidavit will include this information.

2. Bring this document to the SIM Satpas

After you find the SIM Administration Unit, the process can be continued (Satpas). An identity card and its photocopy are required, as well as a photocopy of previous driver's license (if any) and a letter of loss from the police station.

Next, fill out the registration form completely. The SIM officer is given forms and documents which are brought in for inspection.

3. Taking Photo and Fingerprint for New SIM

The next officer will ask you to validate the old SIM data. Once done, you will be asked to complete the procedure for taking a picture, fingerprinting and signing a new SIM card.

At this step, the officer will again confirm the suitability of your data. Name, address, and date of birth are some examples.

To complete the SIM card recovery procedure, you have to wait until the card is lost. After the replacement SIM card has been produced, the officer will give it to you.


If you lose your driving license (SIM) you can use the method above which can restore your lost SIM.

Thus the article about Easy Ways to Manage a Lost SIM, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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