How to make SIUP for MSME actors – The first way you need to do to make a SIUP for MSME actors is to determine the business sector to be carried out, after that you take a trading business license (SIUP).

SIUP is a document that must be owned by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Anyone who is involved in trade, be it buying and selling goods or services, should know this.

SIUP trade in services includes the provision of services and leasing. While SIUP trade in goods is limited in the form of buying and selling goods that do not require processing or manufacture.

Every entrepreneur with a net worth of more than 50 million rupiah (excluding property and business structure) must have a SIUP. This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No. 46 of 2009.

SIUP must be packaged for several uses. Apart from having documentation of approval from the government to boost brand recognition, SIUP can also be used as an additional requirement when applying for business capital loans at banks.

How to make SIUP

There are several steps you need to take, which are as follows:

1. Take the Registration Form

The SIUP registration form can be picked up at the local Trade Office by the business owner. If the business owner is unable to attend, he can order other people by attaching a stamped power of attorney.

2. Fill out and sign the registration form

After getting the registration form, then you are required to fill in the data completely and accurately.

Don't forget to sign the form and put your stamp on it. The registration form can only be signed by the owner/director/person controlling the company.

Make a photocopy of the two-sheet form and attach it with administrative requirements after completing the previous steps.

If we use the services of a third party to make SIUP for the company, please include a letter with a special stamp.

3. Paying the SIUP Making Fee

Paying the SIUP fee is the next step. It should be noted that the regulations for paying SIUP fees vary in each region.

4. Take SIUP

After you have carried out the procedure above to make a SIUP, all you have to do is wait for the permit to be issued. Within two weeks after the production date, the SIUP is usually ready for use.

The Trade Service Officer notifies the company that their SIUP is complete and ready to be collected at our facility upon completion.


In the article above, we have provided several ways that you can easily make a SIUP for MSMEs.

Thus the article about How to Make SIUP for MSME Actors, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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