How to change e-KTP in Dukcapill, here are the conditions – If you want to change the data on your e-KTP, you need to do several ways to change your e-KTP in Dukcapill which you need to know, see this article until it's finished.

E-KTP must be owned by everyone aged 17 years and married or still single before we explain how to change the data on the e-KTP. Article 64 paragraph 7 of Law Number 24 of 2013 concerning amendments to Law Number 23 of 2006 concerning population administration regulates this matter.

The article notes that the validity period of e-KTP was initially limited to five years. The NIK of a number and date of birth are both permanent data in the Electronic Key Transaction Profile (e-KTP). But there is also data that is dynamic or changing, such as marital status to place of residence.

How to change e-KTP data

Here is a simple technique for changing e-KTP data you need to know, as follows:

1. Prepare the Documents Needed

If you need to change any document to your e-KTP data, you must prepare the following:

owned e-KTP
Family card
birth certificate
Marriage certificate or court decision to change marital status
RT or RW certificate to change the address of residence
Diploma, if you want to add a title to your name
Agency certificate if you want to change employment status
Photocopy of a statement issued by a religious leader to change religious data

2. Visit the Dukcapil Office

Visit the local Dukcapil office after completing the required documents.

Changes to KTP data can sometimes be made at the sub-district level, changing your place of residence.

3. Submit Data to Officers

When visiting the local Dukcapil, you can explain the reasons for changing KTP data and show all the important criteria to the officer.

Then the officer will offer you a receipt, which you can use to retrieve your e-KTP with new printed data.

4. Pick up the New e-KTP according to the Schedule

The procedure for making a new e-KTP usually takes up to 14 working days. On the pick-up schedule, you can bring your old e-KTP and original KK to pick up the new e-KTP.


In the article above, there are several ways to change your e-KTP that you need to know if you want to change data or an error occurs in your KTP data, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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