This Year's Liquid Aid – Many people are still lacking, therefore this is the assistance that is still this year, which has been agreed upon by the government and will be extended until next year.

This is good news. This is because the pandemic is not over and it still has an impact on some people's lives. So, what assistance will still be disbursed in 2022?

List of Liquid Aid This Year

Below we have mentioned 4 aids that are still disbursed this year, namely as follows:

1. Pre-Employment Card

The government has just announced that the Pre-Employment Card program will restart next year. The plan, the second wave will begin in February next year.

The Pre-Employment Card is assistance for those who are out of work, have lost their jobs, or whose businesses have been damaged by the epidemic.

A grant of 3.55 million rupiah will be given to each participant who successfully completes this course. A total of 1 million rupiah will be given to buy online training packages.

Participants will receive 600 thousand rupiah of monthly assistance after completing the course and receiving their first certificate of completion. This assistance was disbursed for four months.

In addition, participants will receive an additional IDR 150,000 for three surveys. For more details on setting up pre-employment 2022 accounts in detail Click here

2. Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT)

PKH and BNPT distribution will continue until next year at the earliest. Many families will benefit from this assistance (KPM).

BNPT will provide assistance to each KPM of 200 thousand rupiah per month. While PKH is KPM with special conditions, with the following details:

Families with pregnant women/toddlers will receive assistance of 3 million rupiah per year. Parents of primary school aged children earn about 900,000 Rupiah per year; parents of high school students get about 1.5 million Rupiah; and parents of high school students get about 2 million Rupiah every month.

PKH social assistance/social assistance worth IDR 2.4 million if there are household members who are disabled or elderly.

Meanwhile, if there are 2 elementary school children in a household, then the PKH social assistance/social assistance offered will be doubled, namely 900 thousand rupiah + 1.8 million rupiah per year.

3. Village Fund BLT

The federal government has provided a standard for using the Village Fund (DD) in 2022.

This year's BLT Desa program provides assistance of 300 thousand rupiah per month to poor and underprivileged families (KPM) in villages.

Going forward, portions finance area will change. BLT contributed almost 40% from regional funds. The remaining 60 percent can be used for local community empowerment initiatives.


MSME players will receive social assistance again in 2022, thanks to the generosity of the federal government. How to check BLT UMKM 2022 recipients can be checked, you can follow the instructions in the following link Click here


In the article above we have provided information about the assistance that will be disbursed this year, namely pre-employment cards, the family hope program, BLT village funds, and BLT UMKM.

Thus the article about This Year's Liquid Aid, I hope this article can be useful and help all of you in receiving assistance that is still liquid this year.

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