Check UMKM BLT Recipients, Here's the Link - In 2022, the government will again provide social assistance to MSMEs. You can use the method to check for BLT UMKM recipients this year in the following way, by click this link.

However, not all MSME actors receive assistance. Not being a member of ASN, TNI/PolRI, BUMN or BUMD is one of the conditions.

In addition, cover letters from potential recipients and BPUM proposers confirm that the recipient does not receive KUR (Micro Company Credit) from a bank and owns a micro business.

How to Check BLT UMKM Recipients in 2022

  1. Click the BRI e-form in the following link
  2. Enter your KTP number and verification code
  3. Click the inquiry process
  4. If you have entered, you will get a notification whether you received help or not
  5. If registered as a beneficiary, MSME actors can go to the BRI office to disburse MSME assistance of 1.2 million rupiah

Terms of Disbursement of BLT UMKM 2022

There are five document requirements that you must meet to distribute BLT UMKM 2022. These include the following:

  1. Bring a savings book
  2. Bring an ATM card
  3. Bring ID
  4. Bring a statement signed by the local village officials
  5. Notification SMS as recipient of assistance from BPUM

What if you haven't registered as a BLT UMKM recipient?

In other words, what happens if you are an MSME actor but not a UMKM BLT recipient? Don't worry, because you can still register as a beneficiary at local cooperatives and small business offices.

The requirements and procedures for registration to get BLT UMKM assistance are as follows:

  1. Business actors are Indonesian citizens
  2. Have an electronic ID.
  3. The client has a micro business, which is indicated by a letter of application from the prospective BPUM recipient and proposer with attachments that prove one unit.
  4. Not ASN Group, members of TNI/POLRI, BUMN/BUMD.
  5. Not currently receiving KUR from the bank.
  6. Register yourself by visiting the cooperative and SME sector offices in each district/city.

That's how to check MSME recipients of BLT 2022 and the disbursement requirements. If you are an MSME actor but haven't received BLT UMKM 2022, immediately submit it to the local cooperative and UMKM service by completing the requirements as explained by RancakMedia above.


In the article above, we have presented how to check UMKM BLT receipts and MSME BLT disbursement requirements, which you can do online.

Thus the article about BLT UMKM Recipient Checks, Here's the Link. We hope that the above article can be useful and help all of you in checking UMKM BLT receipts.

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