How to Register DTKS to Receive Social Assistance – Did you know that the government will distribute social assistance in 2022, this is how to register for DTKS in order to receive social assistance, this includes through a program organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos).

The provision of social assistance by the Ministry of Social Affairs will be regulated by the names of residents registered in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

The following are ways that people can register with the Ministry of Social DTKS and receive social assistance in 2022.

How to Register to DTKS Ministry of Social Affairs

For those who have not been registered with the DTKS of the Ministry of Social Affairs, you can do it yourself in the following way:

1. How to Register DTKS Kemensos Offline

There are several ways to register the Ministry of Social DTKS offline, as follows:

  1. The (poor) people bring their KTP and KK to register at the local village/kelurahan.
  2. The condition of residents who are entitled to participate in DTKS will be discussed at the village/kelurahan level.
  3. The minutes signed by the village head/lurah and other village officials summarize the results of the meeting.
  4. The Office of Social Affairs then uses the Minutes to examine and evaluate the data using a comprehensive set of instruments during the home visit...and so on.
  5. Confirmed and validated data are then entered into the Social Welfare Information System (SIKS) program by village/kelurahan operators.
  6. Data entered into SIKS will be evaluated by the Social Service for verification and validation of reports to the regents/mayors.
  7. Verification and confirmation of data received is submitted to the governor by the regent/mayor, who is then forwarded to the minister.

2. How to Register the Dtks of the Ministry of Social Affairs Online

Apart from being offline, the public can also take advantage of the online method using the Social Assistance Check program with the "Proposed List" option for the DTKS list.

For the record, people must register an account first, because only verified users can use this service.

Here's how to take advantage of the "Suggestion List" function in application Check Social Assistance:

  1. Download the Social Assistance Check application from the Play Store
  2. Login with a verified account, or register if you don't have an account.
  3. Click the “Proposal List” menu button on the menu page
  4. Click the add suggestion button
  5. Fill in the form based on beneficiary data
  6. Select the type of social assistance you want to receive.
  7. Upload 2 photos (KTP and front view of the house) to confirm.

As a note, the menu for selecting the type of social assistance will only appear if the NIK entered is in the DTKS data. Then if successful, the data includes name, NIK and Dukcapil compliance status, as well as suitability for the area with the Family Card applicant.

How to Check 2022 Social Assistance Recipients

The public can verify the names registered as recipients of 2022 social assistance in the following way:

  1. Open the following link Click here
  2. Data from provinces and districts as well as sub-districts and villages/kelurahan
  3. Enter the recipient's name as it appears on their KTP.
  4. Code box: enter the eight-digit code there.
  5. Click the Search System Data button
  6. If previously registered, the recipient's name will appear according to the disbursement area.


In the article above, we have prepared a way to register to the Ministry of Social DTKS offline and also online, and don't forget that we have also prepared a way to check social assistance recipients.

Thus the article on How to Register DTKS to Receive Social Assistance, we hope this article can be useful and can help all of you to register at the Ministry of Social DTKS.

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