Fast! Check Village Fund BLT Recipients Online - The government created a website for the community to be able to check BLT village fund recipients online, apart from preventing crowds from checking online village fund BLT recipients it can also make it easier and save people's time.

Village Fund BLT assistance is distributed by the Ministry of Villages and PPDT in the amount of 300,000 rupiah/KPM. This assistance is given every month to the poor who live in the village.

BLT Dana Desa 2022 aims to minimize the impact of the pandemic on villagers and accelerate poverty alleviation efforts in villages. Village Fund BLT assistance can be disbursed directly through the local village or sub-district office.

List of Ways to Check Village Fund BLT Recipients

To find out whether you have been registered as a beneficiary or not, you can check directly through the website. How to check Village Fund BLT recipients can follow the method below, as follows:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select village search by village name
  3. Enter the village name
  4. After the village name appears, click Village Fund BLT
  5. After that, a list of Village Fund BLT recipients will appear

Village Fund BLT distribution is monitored directly by the Mendes PDTT through the Service Post and the KPM data is continuously updated to ensure that the beneficiaries are accurate and on target.

For information, the Indonesian government will continue to provide social assistance (bansos) in 2022. The government will continue to provide at least three types of social assistance, one of which is BLT Dana Desa.

For more than two years, the government has continued to provide social assistance to help those facing problems during the pandemic. The distribution of social assistance also seeks to increase people's purchasing power and welfare.

Social assistance to date includes Pre-Employment Cards, Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) and the Family Hope Program (PKH), Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) Village Funds and the Job Loss Program (JKP).


That's how to check the list of recipients of the 2022 Village Fund BLT in the link that we have shared above. Hopefully you will be one of the Village Fund BLT recipients this year. Consider using the Village Fund BLT to help you meet your daily expenses.

So, the aid money is really useful and not just used to buy something that should be ignored, like buying cigarettes.

Thus the article about Fast! Check Village Fund BLT Recipients Online, I hope this is useful and can help you check village fund recipients online.

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