The Right Way To Pass Registration for Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards, See More – There is happy news for those of you who did not pass the Pre-Employment Card registration in the first 11 batches. The problem is that registration for Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards will reopen in early 2021. As you can see, registration for the 2020 Pre-Employment Card ended in batch 11. Regarding the number of applicants in 2020, the total number reached 43 million applicants.

Participants who pass will receive a stimulant of IDR 600,000 in 4 disbursements. So that the total stimulant is IDR 2.4 million. For registrants who have not been able to qualify, there is no need to worry and worry, because the Pre-Employment Card management faction will open the 12th batch of Pre-Employment Card registration again in 2021.

For those of you who are going to register for batch 12 of the Pre-Employment Card, the following are the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify in 2021:

  1. Indonesian citizens who are 18 years old and are not attending formal education;
  2. Not those who receive social assistance at the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemsos);
  3. Not a recipient of Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU).

Except for the 3 requirements above, the application of the Pre-Employment Card also does not allow the requirements for Pre-Employment Card applicants which lead to blacklisting in the Coordinating Minister for the Economic Sector (Permenko) Regulation Number 11 of 2020.

Concerning the black list, namely registrants with the status of state officials such as DPRD, ASN, TNI soldiers, Polri, hamlet heads and officials, directors, commissioners, and supervisory boards in BUMN or BUMD.

  1. The complete name must match the National Identity Card (KTP);
  2. Look at the Family Card (KK) number, so that there are no different data between the data on the KTP and KK;
  3. The date of birth must be the same as the KTP;
  4. A definite and active e-mail address (the inbox should not be full or you may not use e-mail that has not been used for a long time);
  5. The smartphone number that matches the personal data at the time of registration;
  6. Address with KTP;
  7. Domicile address (if the house and address on the KTP are different);
  8. Gender;
  9. Graduated Last Education;
  10. Working status or not;
  11. Photo of the applicant's KTP.

So, those are the tips for getting through with registering for Batch 12 Pre-Employment Cards so you can qualify. Good luck and good luck


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