Information on the 2023 CPNS NIP Determination Update

The following is the Development of the 2019 CPNS NIP Determination – The 2019 Formation Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) recruitment level has arrived at the stage of determining the employee identification number (NIP).

For those of you who want to know the latest changes to the institution that has proposed determining the NIP, you can watch it via this link. (

Acting Head of the Bureau of Public Relations, Law and Cooperation of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) Paryono explained, currently the suggestion for determining the CPNS NIP is 96.10 % which is processed by the BKN. This figure is the most recent change to today, December 29, 2020.

This information can also be seen via the BKN Instagram site @bkngoidofficial. When asked when the process for determining the NIP would be completed, Paryono explained that it depended on the institution. "Yes, it depends on the agency, if the BKN is sure to finish it immediately if the files are entered and complete," said Paryono.

After obtaining the NIP, participants who can pass the 2019 CPNS are just waiting for the CPNS SK from the agency. "Wait for the SK CPNS to be issued by the agency," said Paryono. He said, after the SK CPNS was issued, the participants had to wait for the Job Implementation Order (SPMT) to start working. The optimal time for issuance of the CPNS SK is a month after determining the NIP.

The opportunity to become a servant of the state will open in 2021. Tuesday (29/12/2020), the Head of BKN Bima Haria Wibisana confirmed that there would be a CPNS selection in 2021.

The 2021 CPNS selection will be held no later than June 2021. "It is predicted that the scheme will be decided in May. For the application of the test, it should start no later than June so that in December all the CPNS selection processes can be completed, "said Bima.

Bima explained, the 2021 CPNS selection was still going through Basic Capability Selection (SKD) and Sector Capability Selection (SKB). "SKD is still being worked on together with SKB. The questions will be created and added by the Ministry of Teaching to increase the number of problems that can be said," he said.

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