Following are the facts of a mother and child walking on the toll road when it rains heavily

Following are the facts of a mother and child walking on the toll road when it rains heavily – Police officers found a mother and her two children walking on the side of the Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar (Bakter) toll road, Saturday (26/12/2020).

When approached by the police, the mother and her two children were crying. They were soaked because it was raining heavily.

They apparently got off the vehicle because they were arguing on the road.

To the police, the mother named Marpuah Sari (31) initially traveled with her husband YN (27) and their two children, RS (11) and SR (9).

Marpuah admitted that she and her two children had just arrived in Lampung from Jambi after being brought by her husband.

“This mother's husband is a truck driver, he will bring his family to Jambi, then he will return to Jakarta,” said the Lampung Regional Police Traffic Director, Kombes Donny Damanik, Sunday (27/12/2020), taken from

But when they arrived in Lampung, the husband and wife were involved in a fight.

"To the officers, the mother admitted that she had fought with her husband and was dropped off in the middle of the road," he said.

while passing through the Lampung toll road, they visited the KM 116 rest area.

Then Marpuah insisted on taking her two children to flee back to Jakarta.

Even though it was raining heavily, Marpuah still insisted on walking along the toll road with her two children.

Luckily the police noticed their presence in the rain and evacuated them.

"When the members were found, the 3 of them had just walked from the KM 116 rest area, leaving their father and husband behind," said Donny.

At that time, members of the Blue Light PJR Polda Lampung were patrolling the toll road due to heavy rain which limited visibility.

Then at KM 114, officers witnessed a woman and two children walking on the shoulder of the toll road.

"Because it can be dangerous for people walking and motorists, members then pull over, want to ask people walking to get off the highway," said Donny.

The woman named Marpuah was evacuated in a wet and crying condition. They were then taken to the Tegineneng Police.

After telling the story of what happened to her, Marpuah was reunited with her husband.

The police contacted Marpuah's husband and asked him to come to the police station. But Marpuah did not want to go with her husband.

He was then returned to Jakarta by bus on Sunday (27/12/2020) morning.


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