Allegedly For Funding Middle East Terrorist Networks, Here Are 3 Police Claims About 201 Kg of Meth

Allegedly For Funding Middle East Terrorist Networks, Here Are 3 Police Claims About 201 Kg of Meth – A joint team from the Police Headquarters and Polda Metro Jaya ambushed a methamphetamine-type narcotics syndicate in a hotel in Petamburan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (22/12/2020) night. Metro Jaya Deputy Chief of Police Brigadier General Hendro Pandowo explained that his faction took over 201 kg of methamphetamine packaged in 196 packages. The drugs were found in a car.

"From Ayla's car, we were able to take over 196 bundles of methamphetamine-type drugs, approximately 201 kg of methamphetamine," said Hendro Pandowo, Tuesday. According to Hendro, the 201 kg of methamphetamine is estimated to cost Rp 156 billion. "From these 201 kg of methamphetamine, we were able to save 1 million human lives. The value, if we make it rupiah, is IDR 156 billion,” he said. Apart from the illicit goods, the police arrested one defendant at the hotel whose role was to receive the goods. On the other hand, Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus explained, this arrest was the result of increased investigations by the National Police's Red and White Task Force team together with Polda Metro Jaya which has been running for the past week. As a result of the momentary investigation, the police faction connected or suspected at least three things. The following is a summary of that claim.

Yusri stated that the drug syndicate secured in Petamburan was an international network.

According to Yusri, his faction first arrested 10 people. Then, one of the defendants was taken to follow where the methamphetamine would be sent. "Almost one week we profiled and investigated, in the end we were successful in finding that these illegal goods entered Indonesia," Yusri said to Kompas TV. "This is an international network. We followed them and initially arrested 10 people. Furthermore, this item will initially be sent to one place and the place is this hotel," Yusri added. In fact, the police faction believes that the syndicate originates from the Middle East because there is a code number '555; on the package of methamphetamine. "Code 555 is truly international network goods, from the Middle East," said Yusri.

The results of the search, Yusri said, were that the code was the same as the crystal methamphetamine package that was taken over from the arrest of three drug dealers in the Pagedangan area, Tangerang, on January 30 2020. “Having seen the code, remember last January, we managed to secure it in the Serpong area, successfully shot and killed. actor at that time," he said.

At that time, the Director of Narcotics Research at Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Mukti Juharsa explained that his faction thought the 201 kg of methamphetamine was for New Year's celebrations in Jakarta and its surroundings. “(Distributed) in the Jakarta area and its surroundings. Maybe for the new year, but that's a lot, a million people can get it," said Mukti, Wednesday (23/12/2020). Mukti explained that the methamphetamine was brought by the actor using the sea lane to enter Jakarta. Currently, said Mukti, the corps is still checking the 11 accused who have been arrested and increasing the arrests of other actors who have been targeted. “From the (lane) of the sea. We are still awake, there is still a target for operations that are getting bigger again," he said.

The last guess is quite surprising. According to Yusri, based on the investigation, the distribution of around 201 kg of methamphetamine was calculated to pay for terrorist networks. "Indeed the results of the profile and there are signs of suspicion that these illicit goods are being used to finance terrorism in the Middle East," said Yusri at Polda Metro Jaya, Wednesday. Yusri explained, investigators are still studying the information of the 11 defendants who have been arrested to identify their connection with the terrorist network in Indonesia. "This is just a thought. We are studying again whether there is any connection with terrorism that is currently in Indonesia," said Yusri.

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