The Minister of Health Who Has Recently Called 16 Million Vaccines A Month Able

The Minister of Health Who Has Recently Called 16 Million Vaccines A Month Able - Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin once explained that Indonesia is capable of vaccinating Covid-19 to 16 million Indonesians in a month.

He made this confession when he held the position of Deputy Minister of SOEs in early December. At that time, Budi served as Chair of the National Economic Recovery and Transformation Task Force (PEN).

At the time, Budi said that the data he owned was 11,000 hospitals in Indonesia, both private and government owned.

"I have contacted all the hospitals through the federation of private and Islamic hospitals, and state-owned hospitals. We have checked, there are 11 thousand ready, the capacity is 16 million injections per month," Budi said in a virtual dialogue, Friday (18/12) yesterday.

The former Main Director of Bank Mandiri admitted that he had made clarifications to UNICEF, which had so far been active in giving vaccines to residents. After checking, he admitted that the data was confirmed to be correct.

Budi said the problem lies in the number of vaccines that can be obtained.

Currently, the number of Covid-19 vaccines that can be obtained is limited. So far, the government has ordered around 155.5 million vaccines. Including, around 125.5 million Sinovac vaccines and 30 million Novavax vaccines.

Apart from these firm orders, the government has the potential to supply around 116 million vaccines. Divided into Pfizer vaccine strength of around 50 million, AstraZeneca 50 million, and Covax or Gavi 16 million.

Currently, Budi Gunadi Sadikin is expected to be able to handle the Covid-19 outbreak, which is not getting better under the leadership of Minister of Health Terawan.

After his inauguration, Budi explained that he received direct assignments from President Joko Widodo to deal with various problems stemming from the Covid-19 outbreak.

But he did not touch on the details of the Covid-19 vaccination. Budi only explained his main task to deal with the epidemic problem in Indonesia.

"Regarding the tasks given by the President, so that it is prioritized to deal with the Covid-19 problem as quickly and as well as possible so that all can return as soon as possible. So that our families can return to stay in touch, and so that all Indonesian people can live as before again," said Budi.

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