Bitcoin Price Prediction Today Decreases 2.18 Percent – Starting today, November 22, 2021, Bitcoin price predictions continue to decline. Is the Bitcoin price drop likely to continue? According to coinmarketcap, Bitcoin price remained below US$ 60,000 on Monday (22/11).

Today's Bitcoin price is US$58.342.43 at 7:26 WIB. The bitcoin price was still down 2.18 percent today over the previous 24 hours of trading and has lost 11.49 percent over the past seven days.

The prices of other cryptocurrencies have also fallen in the same time period. Ethereum's price was US$$4,241.46, down 3.63 percent in the previous 24 hours.

The price of Binance Coin fell 3.48 percent to US$ 580.71. The price of the Cardano cryptocurrency then fell by 4.29 percent to US$1.83. The price of the cryptocurrency XRP also fell 4.12 percent to $1.05. The Polka-dot price fell 0.91% to US$ 41.92.

Bitcoin Drop Predicted Only Temporary

Bitcoin Drop Predicted Only Temporary

Technically, the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continues to fall. Despite this, experts believe the price of Bitcoin continues to exhibit a strong mindset, which supports the fundamentals.

Gabriel Rey, CEO of Triv, said that he believes that the Bitcoin base price will continue to be high. Gabriel says that demand for the chains remains strong. "Currently, USDT is coming on-chain at a faster rate than BTC entering the exchange," said Gabriel, Friday (19/11).

Meanwhile, Gabriel believes that as long as the Federal Reserve does not tape off (US) or tighten fiscal policy, the possibility of an increase in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency price remains.

Gabriel anticipates that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency price will turn green before the end of the year. “Over the previous three or four years, December has always been a green month for bitcoin, because investors have made a lot of purchases that month,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel projects the price of the bitcoin cryptocurrency to be between US$ 58,000 to US$ 65,000 by the end of this year. That is the approximate price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Good luck!


As of today, November 22 2021, the Bitcoin price prediction will decrease to US$58.342.43 at 07.26 WIB. Experts believe the price of Bitcoin continues to exhibit a strong mindset, which supports the fundamentals. The possibility of an increase in the price of Bitcoin remains.

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