Coin Direction Appears to Be a Halal Cryptocurrency Asset – Following the MUI fatwa against illegal cryptocurrencies, individuals became interested in Coin Direction. The direction coin halal cryptocurrency asset is one of the tokens that promises to be the first halal certified token in the world, as published on the website

According to the official Directions coin website, it is the world's first halal cryptocurrency aimed at Muslim and non-Muslim populations around the world.

According to the official website, the Directions coin is planned to be featured on Pancakeswap and will include the Directions wallet. Rancakmedia is trying to track Coin Directions on Coinmarketcap and Konecko, but these coin directions are currently unavailable. is another internet portal providing information besides Directionsglobal, and prices for Directions Coin are not yet accessible. Coin directions are reportedly planned to be used as a medium of exchange for certain products and services.

While the overall coin supply will be limited to 100 billion, 50 billion coins have already been distributed to 50 million users. Direction Coin is planned to be on the Waves network, which is currently being integrated on other major blockchains such as Tron, Ethereum, Binance, and is planned to be listed on DBS. Coin direction

Directions holders on the Waves network will get free BSC DIRECTION tokens in connection with the imminent launch of Wallet Directions.

Early Directions holders will be able to use their smart contract-enabled tokens for staking, rewards and future group purchases via the Directions App and Directions Wallet. Direction Coin is now accessible on Binance Smart Chain for increased accessibility and liquidity (BSC).

The BEP-20 token implements smart contracts and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling smart contract applications to stake and earn, earn referral rewards, receive group discounts on halal products and services, make donations, infaq, shodaqoh, and waqf among others .

The Directions Wallet, which will be linked with the Directions App, will enable Directions token users to carry out transactions such as buying, selling, sending and receiving asset tokens within the same application.

To keep the 100 billion DARA coins in circulation, 70% of the 100 billion DARA coins on the Waves network will be burned, as well as 30% of the 100 billion DARA coins on the Binance Smart Chain. This brings the total number of DARA coins in circulation to 100 billion on both networks. Token burning is planned around September 2021.

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