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Currently the cryptocurrency world is shifting to the global Metaverse market because more and more Metaverse tokens are starting to appear and be distributed to the market. One of the Metaverse that has recently appeared on the Binance Smart Chain and has been attracting attention lately is MicroPets (PETS).

What is MicroPet (PETS)

MicroPets is a Binance Smart Chain token inspired by meme coins and NFTs. MicroPets takes everyone's favorite memes and puts them into cute pets in the form of NFT tokens that you can trade or stake.

What are MicroPets or PETS

The MicroPets team consists of over 30 top marketing specialists with the goal of serving our community and investors, providing a fun and engaging environment with ongoing marketing efforts.

MicroPets Gameplay

MicroPets Runner will be a typical side-scrolling runner where you will choose the character you use in the game (made from MicroPets NFT) (made from MicroPets NFT). So your first step in starting this game is that you have to buy MicroPets tokens to buy crates in MicroPetsmarket.

After purchasing the chest, you will open it and will get a random NFT pet character according to its own rarity and bet multiplier. Once you get your NFT pet, you can keep it or resell it on MicroPetsmarket

In this game there are 6 basic NFT characters that you might receive, for example like

  • Akita Inus
  • Kishu Inu
  • Hokkaido Inu
  • Shiba Inu
  • MicroShiba
  • Floki Inu

In short, the gameplay of the game is avoiding enemies and obstacles as you go faster and faster around the area. Collecting coins will reward you with PETS tokens. Along the way, you'll choose additional power ups to further increase your earning power or possibly save your life.

The MicroPets team has been working closely with Cubix, a multinational app development business specializing in blockchain and game development.

MicroPet Features

Some of the amazing features that MicroPets (PETS) provides its players include:

  1. Special Edition Chest: Team MicroPets launched a special chest containing a limited number of special characters.
  2. Stacking: Each NFT comes with its own unique rarity and staking rewards. Users are continually encouraged to spend more of their MicroPets tokenson crates, allowing them to potentially earn rarer and rarer NFTs and even higher staking rewards.
  3. Marketplace: Users can easily sell their pets on MicroPetsmarket either as individuals or in batches. This selling option creates a better user experience due to fewer button clicks. It is up to users to set their own listing fees on MicroPetstokens, creating a free market for consumers.
  4. Farming: Farming will enable further expansion of NFToffering MicroPets and provide better staking rewards. Think of it as a modern day Tamagotchi where it's your responsibility to take care of your pet as it grows! Users will buy food from the store, feed them to their pets, then watch them mature and grow into adults.

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