XRP Token Price Rises Beyond Digital Currency

Rancakmedia.com – The XRP Token price continues to rise, proof that one of the crypto assets is established and ready to borrow at any time? The crypto market opened the second week of November with a bullish surge of around $100 billion. The XRP token, which has been doing phenomenally recently, is one of several digital assets now enjoying a boost across markets.

The price of the XRP token rose beyond that of any other digital currency in the previous 24 hours as the crypto asset reached a market valuation of $60 billion. The XRP token has added nearly $80 billion to the total digital currency market cap in the last 24 hours.

Moreover, market dominance crypto Bitcoin has grown dramatically since yesterday. More than two percent of the overall cryptocurrency market value is represented by the XRP token, which has hit a three-week high. This is a digital asset.

Major cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to rise after the weekend's rally. Some cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are seeing a boost from investors. At time of writing, six of the top ten cryptocurrencies are trading higher, with Binance Coin and Solana both up 10%, and XRP up 10%.

XRP Token Prices Continue to Rise

The global crypto market value jumped about 4 percent to $2.85 trillion. However, the overall volume of the crypto market remained practically unchanged at $97.46 billion. At the start of the second week of November, XRP token was up 5.06 percent on Monday. After Sunday's 5.84 percent gain, XRP token finished the day at a price of $1.28249.

A rocky start to the day saw XRP tokens fall to a morning low of $1.22044 before moving on. Avoiding the first major support level around $1.1653, the XRP token advanced to a lunchtime high of $1.29566.

The XRP token broke its first major resistance level at $1.2550. The XRP currency temporarily dipped below $1.25 as it faces $1.2906, its second major resistance level.

However, the positive conclusion to the day saw the XRP currency break above its first major resistance level ending the day at $1.28. Ripple's XRP is down 0.65% to $1.27409 at the time of writing. The turbulent start to the day saw XRP token rise to a morning high of $1.28800 before sliding to a low of $1.27409.

The XRP token leaves important support and resistance levels untested from the start. In order to play into the key resistance level of $1.3120, XRP tokens need to avoid falling through the pivot point $1.2662.

However, support is always needed for XRP token to break Monday's high of $1.29566. Barring the crypto's protracted run, the first major resistance level will likely limit gains.

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