A Crypto Tokenoid That Offers The Concept Of Investing While Playing Games

Rancakmedia.com – Made In Indonesia crypto asset, Tokenoid ($NOID) engages investors in a new way, by combining the idea of playing games while investing. Creative industry participants, both gamers and designers, will be given the opportunity and space to invest in digital currency.

The initiator of Tokenoid Andry Bayu Pakoso said that combining blockchain with games in the field of digital money or cryptocurrency is nothing new. However, according to him, Tokenoid exists as a local token with the backbone of a solid gaming community.

“Tokenoid started as a game company developed for the financing of blockchain-related games. Tokenoid exists as a forum for game lovers and gives them the opportunity to invest," said Andry in his statement in Jakarta, Wednesday.

The History Behind the Definition of Playing Games While Investing

As a millennial, Andry feels that so far playing games has always been classified as a hobby for ordinary people who only spend time. No wonder many people have a bad connotation about playing games.

The History Behind the Definition of Playing Games While Investing

“This is the reason behind the creation of Tokenoid, why games are not associated with blockchain, so that gamers and gamers are literate in investing, including crypto. Games and blockchain are digitally-driven creative enterprises. In other words, using tokenoids developing games, or just 3D modeling games, not only focusing on the traditional but also entering into the realm of crypto and investment," said Andry.

Initially, this sector was mainly for gamers, but even investors looking to trade can take advantage of Tokenoid without having to play games. However, for gamers, they will get a token reward every time they play the game platform provided.

Tokenoid Will Open Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale will be offered on the pinksale platform. Tokenoid creators are looking for a soft cap of 400BNB or equivalent to US$200,000 and an objective hard cap of 800BNB or equivalent to US$400,000.

Tokenoid CEO Andry is optimistic that $NOID, which was launched at PinkSale, will be sold out within one hour. Meanwhile, the crypto conversion will use BNB as the exchange currency.

“Why we chose BNB, because Tokenoid itself, is on the Binance blockchain network where the main currency is BNB. Furthermore, after being legally launched on the market, then $NOID itself, can be exchanged with various other forms of cryptocurrency, ”Andry said.

Amount of Tokenoid Supply

Altogether, there are 25 million Tokenoid supplies to be offered directly on the in-game blockchain. Meanwhile, the pre-sale release limit is 40 percent of the total supply.

The base price of $NOID during the pre-sale, 12,950 coins for 1 BNB or the equivalent of IDR 500 per one $NOID coin. During the presale, the minimum transaction (minimum purchase) at PinkSale is 0.1 BNB, and the maximum is 5 BNB. Less than 24 hours or after the Presale is over, investors can collect tokens that have been exchanged.

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