Rising Raca Coin Price Prediction and its Relation to the Metaverse Project

Rancakmedia.com – Raca coin price predictions and their relationship with the Metaverse project Facebook. Raca coin had started to be searched a few weeks earlier, with today's Raca Coin live price when the post was made according to coinmarketcap is IDR 42.20.

From the price of Raca coin, it has a trading volume of Rp. 1,516,334,132,921 in the previous 24 hours. Coinmarketcap changes the price of Raca coins to rupiah in real-time, therefore you should always refresh if you want to know the real price.

Raca coin or Radio Caca fell 11.66 percent in the previous 24 hours. CoinMarketCap's current rating is 2711, with instant market cap not available. Circulating supply is not available and max. providing 442,475,501,083 Raca coins.

If you want to know where to get Radio Caca, the main exchanges to trade to own Raca coins or Radio Caca are currently Bitget, ZT, Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2), and BKEX. After getting the latest price update from Raca coin, what exactly is Radio Caca? Rising Raca Coin Price Predictions

Radio Caca is the sole manager of the NFT Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB). Raca Coin is the governance token for the Universal Metaverse (USM). USM is a 3D virtual world where users can acquire property and create shops and art galleries.

There will be a huge NFT marketplace inside to exchange collectibles. Users can dynamically zoom in and out on and around the 3D planet, just like Google Earth. Radio Caca where the Raca coin is created will be released on BSC in October 2021. This is a “Play To Earn” game where RACA functions like “AXS” in AXIE Infinity.

Metamon Games will expand to USM. The USM beta test version will debut in December 2021. Then, what is metaverse coin, what does metaverse mean? Information about the project Metaverse Radio Caca or Raca.

The name of Facebook, one of the world's most-rated social media networks, has changed.

The company's new name is Meta. Confirming the name change leaked to the press, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg revealed the metaverse of virtual worlds that Facebook will build in the next 10 years.

After this development, there was a metaverse coin trend. So, what is a Metaverse coin, what does metaverse mean? Information about the Metaverse Radio Caca project will be briefly discussed. Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, the world's most famous social networking site, made an important statement about the Metaverse.

The Metaverse connects people to the world that exists on the internet. After that statement was made, information regarding the Metaverse coin began to be questioned by many people. Metaverse is translated into Turkish as a virtual world.

As quoted Mark Zuckerberg, via Turkgun.com: “As technology advances, our ability to communicate with each other naturally increases. In the history of Facebook, we entered text on the Internet, followed by camera phones. The internet is becoming increasingly visual and mobile. As a result, we have better connectivity and better video.”

In the statement he made, he indicated that there would be a product like NFT in the Metaverse, which is currently under development.

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