How to Play Crypto and Get Luscious Profits – Here's how to play crypto, a virtual currency that is now increasingly trendy being exchanged in the world. Before getting into how to play crypto for beginners, let's get to know crypto first. Crypto is a virtual currency that is exchanged as currency for online transactions.

Since it is a virtual currency, crypto asset storage is also stored digitally using e-wallets, which are called electronic wallets.

Even though it has been known since 2009, the popularity of crypto has soared with the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak. Indonesia has not approved the use of crypto as legal money, but crypto trading has obtained a license from Bappebti or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.

So, there is no need to worry about starting buying crypto and buying and selling this virtual currency. Most cryptocurrencies are long term investments. Variations in the value of cryptocurrencies happen quite quickly. However, the total index continues to grow.

The narrative about bitcoin millionaires, one of the cryptocurrencies comes from Erik Finman. When he was 12 years old in 2011, he invested US$1,000 or around IDR 8,580,000 at the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar in May 2011 of IDR 8,580.

Only 2 years later, in 2013 he sold his first bitcoin assets at a price of US$100,000 or around IDR 1.2 billion at the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar in 2013 to IDR 12,180.

Ini menjadikannya salah satu miliarder remaja terkaya di dunia yang menjadi kaya dengan memegang aset kripto. Kisah sukses ini dapat direproduksi oleh orang lain. Cara bermain crypto tidak terlalu sulit. Here we can find cryptocurrency secrets that you should know before investing in the crypto market

Here's a sequence of how to play crypto for beginners to be safe:

1. Research

Before buying crypto, make sure you do your research about this currency first.

What are the advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose which crypto asset to buy.

2. Open an account on the marketplace

Indonesia has permitted crypto trading. Currently, there are at least 13 crypto trading markets or businesses registered with Bappebti.

  • PT Indodax Nasional Indonesia (INDODAX)
  • PT Crypto Indonesia Blessing (TOKOCRYPTO)
  • PT Zipmex Exchange Indonesia (ZIPMEX)
  • PT Indonesia Digital Exchange (IDEX)
  • PT Pintu Anywhere (PINTU)
  • PT Luno Indonesia LTD (LUNO)
  • PT Cipta Koin Digital (KOINKU)
  • PT Tiga Inti Utama(TRIV) (TRIV)
  • PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia (UPBIT)
  • PT Bursa Crypto Prima (BECHIPINDO)
  • PT My Account Dotcom Indonesia (My
  • PT Triniti Investama Blessing (BITOCTO)
  • PT Plutonext Digital Asset (PLUTO NEXT)

After registration, the crypto trader will validate the data before finally being allowed to buy and sell crypto activities.

3. Giving a deposit

You must enter a deposit in rupiah to the merchant you want to trade with.

Usually the deposit amount fluctuates from IDR 30 thousand to IDR 50 thousand or more. This deposit can be converted in cryptocurrency.

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