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Poo Coin Application for What

Rancaakmedia.com – Poo Coin App is a DeFi trading statistics site for BNB, Polygon (MATIC) and KuChain (KCC). PooCoin rivals DexTools (DEXT), Ethereum's leading analytics tracker.

PooCoin tokens are now trading at $1.28, with a market value of ~$8 million and a total of 10 million coins. token. The PooCoin app provides charting and portfolio management for Binance Smart Chain and aims to improve existing DEXs in various ways.

PooCoin is the most viewed DEX review site and gets the most engagement from DeFi traders even surpassing Ethereum review sites like DexTools. Since the token's inception in Q2021 XNUMX, its price has dropped dramatically, its provocative name and token perhaps acting as a barrier to wider acceptance.

The PooCoin team is constantly trying to add functionality across multiple chains and provide the most reliable real-time trading for DeFi. In the community crypto, the PooCoin team has produced Telegram widgets and bots that have been widely adopted and used by various websites and channels.

It will be interesting to see what PooCoin offers the DeFi community in the future. High engagement levels, limited token supply, and sufficient resources can generate returns for PooCoin tokens.

What is Poo Coin App

PooCoin is the most viewed DeFi review site in the world, according to Alexa. The PooCoin app is one of the 1000 most visited websites in the world with 672, while Dextools, its main competitor, is at 789. PooCoin still scores strongly compared to Pancake Exchange (CAKE), the most liquid DEX on the BSC network.

LP tokens, wallets, and trading widgets are all included in the PooCoin website's index of all supported network token contracts. Any BSC/Matic/KuChain currency can be added to the PooCoin Telegram bot for real-time price tracking on the channel.

PooCoin has provided new features in DEX analysis such as a value tracker for purchases, fast trading on the site, and multiple charts. The PooCoin bot is mainly used in Telegram crypto groups. Some wallets can be tracked as part of a paid service on the website.

Where Do Poo Coins Come From?

Ethereum and DEXs like UniSwap ( UNI ) started a revolution in the DeFi industry. Traders can easily exchange Ether for ERC-20 tokens and vice versa. Since CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap do not provide real-time tracking of token purchases and sales, businesses are forced to check block explorers manually.

What is needed is a DEX tracker that will display all purchases and sales of all contracts on the Ethereum network. Real-time charts with buy/sell analysis were released by DexTools, but BSC was not supported at that time.

In Q2021 XNUMX, because BSC is known for its low fees, the network wanted its own version of DexTools, which would offer real-time statistics for BSC agreements. The study of the PancakeSwap token gave birth to the new protocol PooCoin.

With a market capitalization of over $6 billion, PancakeSwap is the largest and most liquid DEX on the BSC network. The problem is that PancakeSwap often indexes new purchases and transactions too late or slowly. You can expect prices on PancakeSwap to be up to several hours behind the actual price.

PooCoin addresses this by syncing key metrics directly from the BSCscan block explorer and incorporating them into their software. Because of this, they can index prices on BSC more quickly and display real-time transactions for every contract on the network.

How the Poo Coin App Works

PooCoin's most distinguishing characteristic is its visual appearance. PooCoin has one of the largest holds of any DEX as users spend a lot of time checking their tokens and watching buying/selling happen in real-time.

All BSCScan block explorers are indexed, making it possible to search for any contract that has liquidity. To find the SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) token, for example, users can use the contract name or plugin “0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31fb0093eeb8c8add8d3”. Both charts are synchronized instantly.

PooCoin tracks LP token liquidity. Even with a large sale, the token price will be less volatile if it has higher liquidity.

Transactions: Goes directly to the most recent transactions in the block explorer. This will match the transaction shown below the chart.

Contracts: Contracts can be read directly into BSCScan if the source code is confirmed. Users can also copy contracts and enter them into the app to get a security rating for that contract (i.e. contracts with burned/locked liquidity get better ratings).

Analysis of top tokens and holders will be shown. PooCoin automatically recognizes malicious tokens when certain developers or wallets have a majority supply and can cause the price to drop quickly when selling.

What Makes Poo Coin Unique?

Since its first release, PooCoin has made many updates to the app to improve its functionality and add new features. For example, it offers tools that allow users to observe entry points right on the charts for simple monitoring of trading activity.

The carpet verification function in PooCoin allows you to check the integrity of the token. Sniper Observer allows users to monitor bots used to launch sniper tokens. Also, PooCoin offers an exchange feature that you can use to exchange tokens directly in the PooCoin app.

On the external tools page, you will find many additional BSC-friendly resources. Dishonest developer behavior such as mats, slow mats, and developer dumps are flagged by development wallet checkers.

Apart from the above characteristics, PooCoin also provides additional premium benefits to coin holders. Storing at least $100 POOCOIN/BNB liquidity in a liquidity pool allows users to follow other traders' wallets and prevents advertising.

Keeping at least $300 in a liquidity pool allows you to monitor your trades and activate the wallet transaction page. Those who have at least $2,000 in their account can view the 100 most popular tokens and a timeline of the most popular websites and tokens.

Wallet Tracking

PooCoin keeps track of wallet balances showing all tokens belonging to the associated wallet and their value in USD Tokens thrown into the air on the BSC network can turn to dust, so users should be careful.

A dust attack, where your wallet is completely empty of tokens worth $50,000 or more, may occur if you did not purchase any tokens but instead found them in your wallet.

The “star” feature allows users with multiple tokens to differentiate between the tokens they value most and the tokens they don't care about at all.

Widget for PooCoin

PooCoin Widget is a token trading widget that can be accessed on every PooCoin chart. Instead of visiting a DEX like PancakeSwap, users can quickly buy and sell tokens. This automatically feeds through the DEX engine and saves traders time.

Developers can include a PooCoin widget on their website if they want visitors to exchange their tokens instantly. You don't need to pay anything to use this widget.

Telegram PooCoin Bot

PooCoin Telegram Bot is a free and customizable price monitoring bot for PooCoin compatible cryptos.

Telegram is the most used application for crypto groups and they can easily check the price of tokens using the PooCoin bot by typing phrases like “/price”. For any token, this bot can be directly used in any Telegram conversation.

PooCoin Premium Features

Trading with PooCoin Premium can yield higher profits due to the premium services it provides, such as wallet monitoring and trending tokens.

There are three levels of premium service available:

  1. Level 1
    Cost: $100.
    Users can track wallets that do not belong to them. This will reveal your balance as if it were your own. The goal of this function is to imitate whale behavior to make winning trades.
  2. Level 2
    Cost: $300.
    Portfolio monitoring, but transactions are reported on charts, comparable to the user's personal trades.
  3. Level 3
    Cost: $2,000.
    The most popular trending tokens are visible to users. Additionally, users have the option to select a time range up to 30 minutes in advance, which allows them to be notified about the site's hottest tokens.

Poo Coin Tokens

In April 2021, the PooCoin token reached a high of $15 and has since dropped to $1.28 at the time of writing. The total amount is limited to 10 million tokens.

PooCoin token is a reflection token on the BSC network. Users will be charged a fee for each transaction if they use reflection tokens.

An 8 percent tax is paid on all transactions: 4 percent is burned and 4 percent is distributed to other holders. The larger the inventory allocation a user has, the higher their reflection rewards. All transactions, including token transfers from one wallet to another, are subject to this fee.

In the first few days after launch, PooCoin received a lot of positive attention from sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. However, it was unable to maintain its initial pace and depreciated to new lows.

PooCoin Token Price Prediction

As of February 01, 2022, the current price of Poocoin is 1.29000 USD. By looking at the recent price fluctuations of Poocoin, our price prediction engine suggests that Poocoin may be around 1.29184 USD tomorrow as the closing price.

Poocoin price is expected to reach $3.17889 USD by the end of 2022, according to previous Poocoin price statistics. It could potentially be 3.17889 USD exactly one year later today. With a maximum Poocoin price of 18.6088 USD and a minimum Poocoin price of 0.73322 USD expected over the next three years, is the limit.

Poocoin price is expected to be around $5.14344 USD by the end of 2023, but could easily reach $8.32209 USD by the end of 2024, according to our projections. By the end of 2025, the estimated price of Poocoin has increased to an incredible value of $13.4651 USD per Poocoin.

How to Get Poo Coins

Poocoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is now popular. The value of this crypto can rise up to $1.73. The cryptocurrency is ranked 4474 on Coinmarketcap.

Poocoin has been listed on a number of crypto exchanges, which you should be aware of. So, where can I get Poocoin? Here's the explanation!

How to Buy Poocoin

The advantage of this digital money is that it can still be obtained simply by purchasing bitcoin through a fiat-to-crypto exchange. To trade currencies, you must make a transfer to the exchange. Then, how do you get Poocoin? Here's the review!

Register with Coinbase First

To get started, you have to buy Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency (BTC). Coinbase and Unphold.com are two of the most popular fiat-to-crypto conversion services. each exchange has a unique fee regime. You can use any of them according to your convenience.

Buy BTC with Cash

After you carry out the KYC procedure. Then, you need to make payment using the payment option via credit card or money transfer via bank. Generally, you will be charged a higher fee if you use a card.

However, you can also make purchases instantly. However, bank transactions are growing cheaper, despite the fact that they take longer. That's a regional matter. When you're ready, click the Trade icon in the top left corner of the screen. Bitcoin selection and transaction confirmation.


Transfer BTC To Cryptocurrency Exchange

To get Poocoin, you have to exchange your Bitcoin for Poocoin. The reason is, Poocoin has been registered on PanckaeSwap. PancakeSwap's BTC to Poocoin conversion will be unique. This is because the decentralized exchange (DEX) procedure does not require you to register an account or go through a KYC process.

Trading on DEX, on the other hand, requires account maintenance. Of course, having a private key to your Altcoin wallet would be good so you are likely to be more careful in your use of the private key.


PooCoin is the most viewed DeFi review site in the world, according to Alexa. The PooCoin token is now trading at $1.28, with a market value of $8 million and 10 million coins. It rivals Dextools, its main competition, for DeX's leading analytics tracker.

PooCoin uses key metrics directly from the BSCscan block explorer to display real-time transactions. PancakeSwap indexes late or slow new purchases and transactions on other DEXs. Users can expect prices to be up to several hours behind the actual price.

The PooCoin app allows users to monitor entry and exit points for simple monitoring of trading activity. Users can also copy contracts and insert them into the application for security value.

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