Wirda Mansur Launches ICoin Crypto Token

Rancakmedia.com – Now, Wirda Mansur, daughter of Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, has founded a digital currency, namely the crypto token ICoin, see in the following article.

Crypto money is developing not only internationally. Previously, Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty developed a crypto token named ASIX Coin.

Through his Instagram account @wirda_mansur, he stated that he would introduce a new crypto token called I-Coin.

“Yessss! this is the FUTURE. The future of millennials, MAB, young people, really has to get involved and familiarize themselves with technological sophistication. If not, you will be far behind from the others” the message he posted on Instagram.

Wirda also aims to introduce I-Coin which stands for Indonesia Coin, this February.

It also has the slogan that I-Coin is an Indonesian Coin. Additionally, the NFT Marketplace, games, and metaverse will all be self-developed.

On this day in 2022, February 14, Wirda intends to do a pre-sale. He expects his crypto token to be approved and soared or in the phrase To The Moon.

As is known, the ASIX token released by the famous couple Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty is in the spotlight because of the positive and negative sides that surround it.

Wirda Mansur Continues to Distribute ICoin Crypto Tokens

Despite the likely pull of the carpet on the crypto market, Wirda Mansur intends to issue his I-COIN crypto token on February 16th.

Indonesians seem quite interested in the digital asset market. Anang and Ashanti, a famous couple, recently created a token crypto named ASIX. Now, the khatib's daughter, Gilian Wirda Mansur, is reportedly making his own crypto token.

From the observation of the Tek.id Editor, Yusuf Mansur's daughter via her Instagram profile has announced her crypto token named I-COIN. In a message released a week ago, Wirda Mansur announced that his crypto token would go on sale on February 16th.

“I want to release a new Crypto token in February 2022, if all goes well. I-COINS. INDONESIA COINS, INDONESIA COINS.” That's the caption in the post.

Furthermore, in order not to be left behind by developing technology, Wirda feels that young people must have the courage to familiarize themselves with the language. This is in accordance with what Wirda is doing, not only playing crypto, but also having his own crypto token.

On 16 February 2022, I-COIN, a crypto coin created by Wirda Mansur, will be available for purchase at Pinksale.finance and icoinglobal.com. Interestingly, although many praised Wirda's efforts, not a few were wary of Wirda's digital assets and tokens.

Some people are worried about the potential tug of the Rug, as seen from their comments. Rugpull itself has the connotation of dredging/buying large amounts of assets/tokens in a short time. Usually done by well-funded players looking to profit from decreasing token values. Multi-actor productions are also common here.

Tokens that have recently been “robbed” are usually seen as less attractive assets. This will dissuade investors from buying back the coin.

Despite the views voiced by netizens, it is still uncertain what the potential for the Wirda token will be in the future. Visit the official I-COIN website at iconglobal.com if you are interested in investing.


Wirda Mansur, daughter of Ustaz Yusuf Mansur has set up virtual currency. Wirda intends to do a pre-sale on February 14 for I-Coin. Anang and Ashanti, a famous couple, recently created a crypto token called ASIX.

Gilian Wirda Mansur via his Instagram profile has announced his crypto token named I-COIN. On February 16, 2022, coins will be available for purchase at Pinksale.finance and icoinglobal.com. Some people were worried about the potential drag of the Rug, as seen from their comments.

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