List of the Best Crypto Brokers in Indonesia – The best crypto brokers are starting to be sought today, how could it not be, in the last few months, cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are really popular.

Many investors are looking for the best broker to work with in terms of making investments. As a result of the epidemic spreading to every part of the world, the stock market naturally was ecstatic with excitement.

However, many people are still confused as to why they should invest in crypto. Investing in tangible assets such as stocks, gold, real estate and saving time, on the other hand, lacks the security that tangible assets provide.

Cryptocurrencies, experts say, are becoming more popular as people lose faith in traditional fiat currencies such as the US Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah. crypto is considered as a new option in the financial sector because flat money will continue to be degraded by inflation so that its value decreases.

The Best and Most Trusted Crypto Broker in Indonesia

It's not a bad idea to take a look at the latest changes in Bitcoin-to-Rupiah exchange rates before learning about the best Indonesian crypto brokers.

You know, the change in the exchange rate between these two currencies is very good. A good crypto broker will operate as an intermediary for crypto investors and markets, much like a forex or stock broker.

This is because crypto trading can only be done by members of the crypto exchange concerned. If you are interested in investing in crypto, you should start by finding the best crypto brokers listed below.


Before talking fully about the top crypto brokers in Indonesia, there is one thing that must be understood first. In Indonesia, crypto brokers are often referred to as exchanges.

Instead of using brokers on the floor of the exchange to act as intermediaries for traders and investors, these transactions involve no middlemen.

Market participants can buy and sell crypto assets on the exchange platform, in real time. One of the elements that can be considered for the best cryptocurrency trading platform in Indonesia is TokoCrypto.


No discussion about Indonesian cryptocurrency trading would be complete without mentioning Indodax. One of the best crypto brokers launched by Oscar Darmawan in 2014 can be claimed as the first crypto market platform in Indonesia. In fact, currently there are more than 2.1 million dealers registered with Indodax.


Pintu, which started as a blockchain technology company, has grown to become one of the leading crypto brokers in Indonesia.

Despite its youth, Pintu has shown itself to be an exchange platform worth considering. Moreover, this broker is built on smartphone application services making it easier for everyone to carry out cryptocurrency trading operations.

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