OpenDAO Distributing SOS Airdrop Crypto Tokens – SOS Airdrop Crypto tokens generate a lot of great excitement in their community, but don't make headlines often. However, in this case, the token airdrop sparked a frenzy that reverberated across the industry.

So, it seems that the NFT is your favourite. But do you love them as much as OpenDAO? The DAO indicated that to convey its respect to NFT producers and collectors, SOS tokens will be distributed to anyone who has ever purchased on OpenSea.

Of the total 100 trillion SOS tokens, 50 percent are scheduled to be delivered to OpenSea users. OpenSea transactions are entered into the calculation used to determine how many users are eligible to receive. The OpenDAO website reports.

“The allocation is based on the total number of transactions (30 percent weight) and transaction volume in ETH, DAI & USDC (70 percent weight) in OpenSea. Tokens that have not been claimed by users until June 30, 2022, will be given to the DAO treasury.

SOS Airdrop Crypto Token How It Exploded

SOS Airdrop Crypto Token How It Exploded

Approximately 29,269,796,826,356.01 SOS have been claimed in about one day. So are the beneficiaries rich now? At press time, OpenDAO is listed as one of the top winners on Coin Market Cap.

SOS is trading at $0.000009618, following an astounding 1391.39 percent gain in just one day.

SOS Token Airdrop Crypto Bomb or scam?

While some users expressed their joy and shared their money, others were cautious and questioned whether the whole affair was an elaborate scam.

Needless to say, caution is always important. After all, the OpenDAO website just launched. Other than that, very little is known about the project creator or the development team.

According to Etherscan, the token has 124,664 holders at press time and there have been 261,391 transactions. It is also worth mentioning that KuCoin and Huobi have registered SOS tokens.

In other words, is OpenDAO what OpenSea users have come to expect or is it just another gimmick in this space? For now, experts will have to wait until the furor dies down.

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