The Ultimate Guide How To Buy Crypto Verge XVG – Crypto Verge XVG is a decentralized currency built on an open source framework, with no central authority over the coin, launched in 2014 under the name DogeCoinDark.

The Verge Currency has been getting a lot of attention lately. In this tutorial, you will discover how to buy Verge, the top Verge XVG crypto exchange and digital wallet and much more.

How To Buy Crypto Verge XVG

The first step in the Verge buying process is setting up a Verge wallet that can hold your Verge XVG crypto coins after purchase. The wallet will also be used when trying to sell XVG coins, in which case the coins must be sent to an exchange for sale, or to a merchant in the event of a purchase.

Create a Verge Digital Wallet

When choosing a wallet, like all other cryptocurrencies, it is better to use one that has been recommended by cryptocurrency websites.

On the Verge website a number of wallets have been recommended, available for MAC, Windows and Linux users as well as for OSX and Android phones.

As well as the selection tab, which includes a number of wallets to choose from, there are also different tabs that separate wallets by desktop, mobile and more, but we recommend downloading from the options tab for obvious reasons.

Verge has now offered the option to download the Verge blockchain to speed up the setup process for storing Verge XVG crypto coins if the Electrum wallet is not selected.

In the absence of an Electrum wallet, extra procedures are required, which indicates that the Electrum wallet is the best choice. The main drawback is that the Electrum wallet is currently not compatible with android phones.

How To Buy Crypto Verge XVG

Once the wallet has been downloaded to your desktop, unzip the file and start execution, in the Electrum Wizard, select 'Create New Wallet' and 'Standard Wallet' assuming you are not looking for a wallet that requires multi-users and lots of greater security features.

At this point, you will get the 'seed' for the wallet, which should be stored and backed up in a safe place as this is important for recovering your wallet if it is lost.

The next step in the wallet process is entering the password, which is also very important and will result in losing your coins if you forget it.

Once the wallet is open, select the receive tab and copy the recipient's address to a file for safekeeping, as you will need this address to purchase your XVG coins.

Buy Verge Coins

With the wallet now created, there are two methods by which you can buy XVG coins. One option is to buy Verge XVG crypto using fiat money, with the second option is to buy with another cryptocurrency.

Buy Verge with Fiat Currency

There aren't many places to buy Verge XVG crypto using fiat currency, but HitBTC provides the XVG/USD pair for individuals who wish to buy with the currency.

Buy Verge (XVG) with Cryptocurrency

If you want to buy Verge using cryptocurrency, you need to choose an exchange that supports the XVG/Altcoin combination you want to use to buy Verge coins.

By volume, Binance has the largest market share, with Binance's XVG/BTC accounting for a little over 44 percent of all Verge trading volume. On this basis, therefore, we would suggest Binance as the preferred exchange for the Verge and XVG/BTC combination.

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