HODLVault Token Listing Platform Coming Soon

Rancakmedia.com – The aim of this HODLVault token project is to develop a top coin listing platform where emerging projects can connect with potential pre-launch investors and generate buzz about their token through AMA sessions.

It also tries to enable token creators to generate education about their projects and coins prior to pre-sale while encouraging transparency and harmony within the crypto community.

Investors in crypto can benefit from the HODLVault token validation incentives by avoiding ILO using malicious processes.

The platform also encourages community participation by letting crypto enthusiasts vote for new coin listings and contacting token developers directly via pre-sale AMAs.

HODLVault Tokens Live on PancakeSwap

It was announced that the sale of Hodlvault tokens (HVLT) will start at 1700 UTC on December 5th, and the coin is selling for one trillion HVLT per bitcoin (BNB).

As a result of listing projects on PancakeSwap, interested investors can earn an unlimited number of tokens. HVLT investors earn tokens with a utility that pays crypto enthusiasts simply by HOLDing.

According to the latest stats from Watcher Guru, the project currently counts 1400+ HVLT holders, making the token a low-key treasure trove with big moonshot potential.

Smart contract HODLVault charge 14 percent tax on buy/sell transactions and wallet to wallet transfers.

HODLVault Tokens Live on PancakeSwap

8 percent of the tax is used to reward BUSD token holders who meet certain conditions, such as holding 1 billion tokens. To witness the reflection, holders must activate Binance-peg BUSD in their wallet.

HODLVault redistributes the 2 percent tax to an automated Buy Back and Burn mechanism, enabling HVLT to maintain its highly deflationary position.

An additional 2 percent from each transaction is used to increase Pancakeswap's liquidity pool, ensuring a stable base price. The remaining tax money goes towards marketing and development to help the HVLT take flight and achieve long term success.

What Makes HODLVault Token Stand Out?

There are a number of safeguards put in place by HODLVault to prevent investors' cash and native tokens from being manipulated by whales.

This project added an anti-dump feature in its smart contract to defend HVLT against a sudden selloff which would cause the price to fall.

Dubbed the 'Volatility Selling Feature', this revolutionary mechanism caps the maximum amount of HVLT an individual can sell at 0.35 percent of the entire supply, preventing whales from affecting HVLT prices.

The HODLVault team is also placing a high value on security and transparency as they work to establish themselves as the top token listing platform in the crypto space.

Prior to launch, project backers go through thorough KYC Verification with IDO-Presales.com , where they provide their Driver's Licence, Proof of Residence, and a video affidavit. Developers have submitted their project for code assessment by leading smart contract auditor Techrate.

In addition, the project has secured pre-sale liquidity in a time-locking smart contract, which guarantees investors that the project founders cannot run away with cash.

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