Tips for Finding a Trusted Dropship Supplier – Actually, this article has thoroughly discussed resellers, dropship resellers, as well as some tips for searching suppliers dropship in this article. Dropshipping is (or as dropshipper is spelled correctly) an online selling technique where you don't need a large amount of cash. You only sell supplier goods without having to buy goods first.

Profits are less than resellers, but the work done is also hassle-free. For additional information, check this article!

Remember, in the dropshipping industry, you are the seller. So you have to deal with your customers, not your suppliers. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a supplier that you can really trust. Because if there is a problem (for example stock is often out of stock, delivery is delayed, and so on) it is you who will be reprimanded by the customer. Not them.

So, so that things like that don't happen to your online store, let's take a look at the following tips on Finding a Dropship Supplier!

4 Tips for Finding Dropship Suppliers

4 Tips for Finding Dropship Suppliers

Your supplier must be responsive

You will often deal with your consumers. Well, in Indonesia, customers like it or not to read the description of the goods in your store. There are so many questions. Well, sometimes there are questions that you don't know. Lastly, you should ask your supplier.

So, your supplier must be responsive in responding to your chat. The thing is, if the supplier responds to the chat for a long time, you won't be happy with the customer either. For example, a customer asks you at 9am, you only answer at 4pm, he may even switch shops!

So you have to find a supplier who can answer your conversation quickly. Especially considering the questions that are asked quite often. For example, if an item is in stock or not, ask for a photo of the item, check shipping, or if the customer is wondering where the order is.

Delivery from Supplier Must Be Fast

Well, in terms of delivery, you must realize that this delivery really has something to do with the courier and the supplier. You must choose a supplier that can deliver quickly. The goal is fast, not when ordering, when the goods will be delivered.

Remember, your supplier has to ship hundreds of items every day. It is difficult for only 1 item to be shipped immediately. Your supplier must first take the day's order, then package it, then ship it.

Pay carefully, usually suppliers will write down the terms of delivery of goods like this:

"Items ordered after 3pm will be processed the next day."

Well, you should also write that description in your store. So at least if there is a complaint, you can explain to the customer that today the goods were not sent because the order came in after 3 o'clock. So, this is related to tip 3.

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