How to Apply for a Loan on Smart Credit Online – How do I apply for a loan at Smart Credit? A safe place to borrow money, fast procedures without collateral is an online loan application. The times have made fintech P2P lending applications easier to find, one of which is the Smart Credit online loan.

Apply for a cash loan through a banking-based service application Android has become a trend in recent years.

Online loan applications not only provide convenience, but also guarantee security. One application that is in great demand by the people of Indonesia is the Smart Credit online loan.

Smart Credit is always ready to help your financial problems. Because the Smart Credit application is dedicated to continuing to help Indonesian people everywhere to remote corners of the country.

Advantages of Applying for a Loan at Smart Credit

What is Smart Credit

The Smart Credit application is an online loan application that has low interest, this application is managed by PT Credit Indonesia.

Smart Credit provides collateral-free money loans with a limit of Rp. 20,000,000 for a maximum of 360 days.

Interestingly, the annual interest rate for Smart Credit is very low, which is no more than 11%. The process of paying a money loan is also very easy to do through ATM transfers, M-Banking, and minimarkets.

Smart Credit is suitable for you to make a solution when you need a loan without collateral during an emergency situation.

The disbursement process to your account is also quite fast, in just 5 minutes you have got the loan.

Advantages of Applying for a Loan at Smart Credit

Below are the advantages of applying for a loan at Smart Credit, as follows:

1. Top app in Indonesia

On the Google Playstore, the Smart Credit application rating reaches 4.8, which is the highest score among other online loan applications. In fact, the Smart Credit online loan application has been downloaded by 12.4 million customers throughout Indonesia.

2. Fast Delivery

Just take 5 minutes to register and fill in your personal data, the system will immediately perform a double verification for your protection.

3. Interest and minimal service fees

Admin fees are only 5-15 percent without additional fees, with cheap interest rates starting at 0.19 percent daily.

4. Loan limit up to Rp. 20,000,000

Increase your smart score, to receive tempting offers. Such as cashback coupons, loan limits of up to 20 million rupiah and other unique rewards.

5. There is no guarantee

Submission of online loans at Smart Credit does not involve any collateral

6. Face detection function can be accessed

The newest feature provided by Smart Credit is the facial recognition function which can be used when the cellphone number is dead or login fails. With this function, you can still enter the application.

6. Officially registered with OJK

The smart credit application has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority. Smart Credit will not misuse or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent and knowledge.

Online Loan Application Terms

Online Loan Application Terms

Here are the criteria that must be met before applying for a smart online credit loan, including:

  • Indonesian citizen \s18-55 years old.
  • Have an original electronic KTP. So that the loan application is not rejected, make sure the image ID is not blurred.
  • Have a bank account number with a name that matches the KTP. The following is a list of banks that meet the requirements, including BCA, BNI, BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Permata, CIMB Niaga, Bank DKI, Bank Danamon, Bukopin, Maybank, KEB Hana and BTN.
  • Domiciled in Indonesia

How to Apply for a Loan on Smart Credit

Following have summarized how to apply for a loan on Smart Credit that you can do, including:

  1. Smart credit is a digital application that is done 100 percent online. You can only apply for a loan through the application. Here's how:
  2. You must first download the application through the Google Play Store.
  3. Make sure your cellphone has enough memory to install this application.
  4. After downloading and installing the application on your smartphone, provide an active telephone number.
  5. You will receive an OTP number sent by the system via short message. Remember, don't reveal important info to others.
  6. After successful check-in, you will be offered a loan limit offer, such as:
    – 900,000 with a tenor of 28 days
    – 1,200,000 with a tenor of 28 days
    – 1,800,000 with a tenor of 28 days
    – 2,600,000 with a 3 month tenor
  7. Select the loan limit, then click "apply"
  8. Continue by selecting the “agree and apply now” menu
  9. Upload a clean photo of your KTP, then proceed with a selfie photo with your KTP
  10. Fill in the required details, such as name, KTP NIK, NPWP and emergency contact number. The emergency contact will be used as a reference by the system when a default occurs and you are continuously in arrears. Don't worry, debt collection will continue according to the process set by the OJK.
  11. Continue by filling in the savings account data
    Tap “send” to end the sending procedure. Wait a few moments, the system will check and test eligibility within a maximum of 1×24 hours. If the application is accepted, the cash will be immediately transferred to the account. However, if your application is rejected, you can resubmit at a later time.

How to Apply for a Loan on Smart Credit

How to Make Bill Payments

Loan bill payments can be made 24 hours at maturity via ATM transfers, m-Banking, Alfa Group, and online banking.

All information related to the due date or virtual payment account number can be seen in the "billing" option of the Smart Credit application. Make sure you enter "login" to the application using the cellphone number that was registered the first time.

Smart credit will confirm via text message that the bill has been paid. You can also check through the smart credit application and see it directly in the inbox menu.

After it's paid off, you can apply for an online loan again. If you have made a payment but the system has not changed the loan status, then you can report the problem via email at [email protected] com. Include payment information that has been made along with the proof.


1. Is the Smart Credit Online Loan Application Safe?

Yes, the Smart Credit Application has become online loan application which is safe and official OJK.

2. How long does the loan application process take on Smart Credit?

The verification process takes 3 x 24 hours from the time the application is made. Smart Credit will notify you after your application is approved.

3. How much is the fine for late payment on Smart Credit?

That is, late credit fines are subject to a maximum of 100% of the total loan amount. So if your loan is Rp. 600,000 and you are 3 months late or even more, then the maximum fine you have to pay is IDR 600,000, no more.

4. What is the loan interest rate on Smart Credit?

Loan amount: up to IDR 20,000,000.00. Loan term: 91 to 360 days. Maximum annual interest rate: 11%. Management fee 5%-15% (depending on loan amount and duration), no additional fees.


The Smart Credit application is an online loan application that has low interest, this application is managed by PT Credit Indonesia.

This is information about how to apply for a loan at Smart Credit online, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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