How to Make a Good and Correct CV – If you are a fresh graduate, then you must read the article that we are going to share about how to make a good and correct CV. CV or Curriculum vitae certainly a must for individuals who want to apply for a job.

Almost certainly, in every vacancy advertised by an employer, applicants will be asked to submit their cover letter along with the job so they can consider anyone who meets the requirements for another test.

In our post 'Tips and points for making a resume' we discussed a lot about what a resume is and how important having a resume is for those of you who want to apply for a job. So if you want more information just click on the given link.

We will only discuss how to make a good and correct CV for this post. Of course, this is one of the most difficult things for people who make CVs at first, considering that certain companies pay attention to cleanliness and originality.

Today many individuals, from design to writing, are learning to create the best-informed and original CV available. This is obvious because the better the CV material you make, the more likely you are to take the job exam later.

But what you have to pay attention to, don't let that happen because you are worried about the contents of a good CV and then quickly forget how to make the right CV.

Therefore, our goal is to increase the perspective that there are many things that must be considered to make a good and correct CV. So, let's look together for more information on how to make a good and correct CV below:

How to Make a Good and Correct CV

1. Know the Company You Want to Apply to

Of course it is very important to study a company while preparing a CV (Curriculum Vitae). This is commonly known as job research. Why is it so important? Since CV is the beginning of a company's HRD, we would like to apply whether we pass the administration exam or not.

Thus, it is very important to achieve. How do you make a good and correct CV in Job Research? Of course, the most important approach is to find out what the company needs. This is of course important because all employers want to know how ready we are to apply.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to everything that is needed by the company, such as the parts that are relevant to the job it offers, namely the qualifications needed by the applicant, work experience, and the age of the applicant.

In addition to the criteria provided by the company, also pay attention to the company profile. For example, we read the vision, goals, work ethic of the company's workers and also the principles that the company always upholds. Of course, using the information collected, we can sort out which parts to include later on the CV.

2. Good and Right Resources For CV

It's important to create resume example which is good and right, especially for those who are applying for a job for the first time and need a resume as a necessity.

Why is it?

Because we can produce a good CV and attract company HR from the examples we see. If we often see many examples of CVs scattered on the internet, then we will know that the substance of a CV is more or less as follows:

  1. Identity: Contains full name, telephone number, email and contact address.
  2. Personality: contains a picture of self-character.
  3. Education: contains educational updates, GPA and majors taken. Education:
  4. Skills: Contains the skills possessed.
  5. Work Experience: Including work experience prior to applying for a new job.
  6. Training or Training: contains various types of training taken during the last 3 years or more.
  7. Additional information: Contains many things you like, ranging from hobbies, references or other things related to the job to be applied for.
  8. Determine the most attractive potential CV design
  9. After knowing the various types of CV examples, the next job is to determine an attractive design as feasible. For example, there are a number of attractive CV designs that are spread across the internet.

Example of a good and correct CV

The function of this attractive curriculum vitae design is to impress your employer and think that you are the right individual for the following steps. The company you apply to will also feel that you are serious about applying for a job.

While you can choose an attractive CV design free of charge, this doesn't mean that the true advantages of a CV are forgotten. Make a CV that is attractive, but true to its function. Make it so that the CV design you choose is able to make readers (company HRD) understand the information contained in the CV.

Apart from that, it can also help HRD companies to understand what you are conveying by choosing a color as the background and also providing boundaries for each part of the resume.

3. Start Writing CV

The right CV is not only attractive, but also a written CV. Haha of course. Of course. How are you going to apply for a job if the resume you have is just wishful thinking?

To achieve this, after you have researched the company, CV and also chosen a good CV design, make a good and correct CV as soon as possible. The procedure to follow while preparing a resume is as follows:

1. Always include your identity

To make a CV or whatever, providing identity is certainly something that cannot be ignored. Providing your personal identification can help companies know your basic profile and can also help companies to contact you if more information is available.

Including many things, such as full name, address, phone number, email and social media. Also, don't forget to submit your current photo to give an impression of yourself. Just a suggestion, if you pass the administration exam, send a photo wearing formal clothes in a relaxed style. When you attach a photo.

2. Include a clear level of education

The contents of the CV, of course, include the level of education. Include thus a clear level of education to produce a good resume. The level of education must be based on the smallest to the largest, for kindergarten to elementary, junior high to high school.

However, most businesses now ask us to state their most recent level of education. Pay close attention to the criteria of the company you are applying for.

3. List your skills and achievements

Descriptions of skills and achievements are sure to make a very attractive CV. This can, of course, be done using many methods, such as creating paragraphs, bullets and numbers or creating a graph that represents your skills and achievements. This is definitely a possibility, but obviously, don't forget to highlight your skills and accomplishments to produce a good and accurate resume.

4. Include work experience and training conducted

Like the skills and work performance above, this training and work experience can be divided into the three categories above (paragraphs, items and numbering, or diagrams). Include employment and training in relation to the job you are applying for so HRD believes you are a worthy candidate to be selected to appear professional.

Of course, we will remind you here that this section is not forgotten because it is the first capital for you to show who you are and how much experience you have.

5. Read and analyze the CV that is made.

This is the last step before you send your CV to apply for a job. CVs that are made at the beginning are usually not perfect. Therefore, reading and analyzing the CV that you have created will definitely open up opportunities for you to make a good and accurate CV.

You can find out what's missing by reading and analyzing your curriculum vitae, and you can add to it right away before you finally decide to send it. Never be lazy to read and analyze CVs for good and interesting CVs, right?

Start Writing CV

So, those are the ways to make a good and accurate resume. You may be sure that if you can actually apply for what we state here, then later you will receive the CV made by you by the business you want to apply for.


Below is a question and answer session about cv for job applications:

Application to Create a Free CV

Here are 7 free websites for making free cv online on cell phones for beginners:

  1. Canva
  2. Novoresume
  3. Zety
  4. Cuuveed
  5. Kick Resumes
  6. Visual CV
  7. Connect CV

How is the composition of the contents of the CV?

  1. Personal data such as full name, place and date of birth, address, available telephone number, email address
  2. Educational history which includes alma mater and graduation
  3. Work experience includes previous positions held, length of service, job description, company you worked for, including experience in organizational work, volunteer work, and internships
  4. Self-skills, which include expertise in carrying out tasks and work.

What is a CV and How Do You Make It?

Curriculum Vitae or CV is an important document that contains curriculum vitae for example: personal data, professional or professional experience, academic or non-academic achievements, hobbies, skills and so on.


Curriculum vitae (CV) is certainly a must for individuals who wish to apply for a job. Cleanliness and originality are considered by certain companies. The better the CV material you make, the more likely you are to take the job exam later.

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