The Best Logistics Company in Indonesia - Company logistics Best of all, we have known logistics in many ways, and now we know what logistics companies are in Indonesia. As we know, today many logistics companies pay attention to their essential functions. But there are three best logistics companies in Indonesia alone, what are these companies? Let's see below. Under.

The best logistics company

POS Indonesia

Who doesn't know Pos Indonesia? Even Pos Indonesia is one of the best logistics companies. Pos Indonesia is a state-owned company that used to sell stamps. Pos Indonesia has no doubt about its quality in delivery services so that it is included in the list of the best logistics companies in Indonesia.

POS Indonesia

Pos Indonesia, which has been operating for decades, has no doubt about the quality and trust of the Indonesian people. Even Pos Indonesia not only serves the delivery of goods but also important letters and cash in various regions in Indonesia.


Second, JNE is one of the three best logistics companies in Indonesia. JNE has captured the hearts of Indonesian people since its debut. JNE is also equipped with a marketing and distribution system that is no less competent than other logistics companies so that JNE can compete and develop this business easily.

Not only that, JNE also uses the latest technology that can be accessed by people throughout Indonesia in doing business. The use of the latest technology is needed because it can facilitate the use of logistics company services by customers and of course improve the quality of the company.


And J&T is in third place. Although still young when compared to the two previous logistics companies, J&T is the company of choice for the community. J&T has continued to develop successfully since its founding in 2015.

Despite the best J&T service, customers still get a reasonable price. J&T is also able to deliver different goods throughout Indonesia.

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